Thursday, July 10, 2014


Beehives in garden, image courtesy of
I've been in a "bee frame of mind lately", probably because I've been clearing a spot on the property for our future hives (and ordering a few things, but more on that in a future post).  So I've been looking at ideas and I stumbled across this photos.  It's so pretty.  I love how the beehives are in the back and then there are plenty of flowers for both people and the bees to enjoy.

I hadn't thought of painting our hives when we get them but I like the pale yellow of the ones in this photo as well.  Can you tell we like color?

Bee inspired!

p.s.  Look at the post right before this one, we have the winners of the Ball Jars giveaway posted.  Thanks again to everyone who entered, more giveaways coming soon!


  1. if i could have bees, this is exactly how i would choose to have them. these are the nicest hives i have ever seen.

  2. What a lovely and perfect set-up for bees - looks like Bee Paradise! Lots of colorful flowers for nectar and pollen on one side of the walkway. And on the other side of the path, it looks like a row of antique roses, which are very fragrant yet hardy and carefree.
    You would have the world’s happiest and most productive bees with a beautiful Bee Garden like this. Add a bench and you could watch your honey being made!!

  3. We have been studying about bees and talking to local beekeepers. Next year we will be ready to start with a couple of hives. Still lots of stuff to do before then. We should encourage all those who are able to keep bees. We make nest boards for the native Mason orchard bees, too. Kudos to you

  4. I have seen a lot of painted hives just lately, but unfortunatly in some areas it led to problems, hives are a valuable asset and there has been a rise in hives being stolen here in the uk, for us its best they blend in to there surroundings and not draw attention to them unfortunatly, I would otherwise like mine painted pastle colours like little beach huts.


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