Sunday, July 6, 2014


Cultivation now, victory garden poster image, courtesy of Ohio State public library

Haven't found a 'new' Victory Garden poster image in a while. I thought maybe I had already posted all the ones I've found.  The victory garden program was instituted during WWII and urged people to grow gardens in their yards to produce food.  Of course this poster rings true with any garden anywhere...

A little cultivation now means a big harvest later on...take care of your victory garden!  Oh so true, then and now!

Speaking of, at the farm today, hopefully, to see what needs to be done in the garden and hopefully harvest some veggies.  More on that later.  Most of this long weekend has been a washout, sigh, but at least we need the rain so that's a good thing. Hope you are having a good weekend! 


Practical Parsimony said...

I love the victory Garden posters. Amazingly, we had no rain this holiday and all weekend, low temps of 55, hghs short of 80, and low humidity--amazing for July. Of course, it's all coming back in a few days. But, I could have the yard mowed and hang clothes out on the line. I love long, dry, temperate days filled with sunshine!

Texas Rose said...

Great Victory Garden poster! Seems like they were really encouraging them - the poster said "prepared" garden plots. So I guess all you had to do was plant them and then take care of them - a good idea today for a community garden.

I am so glad that we got the rain - we are slowly pulling out of the drought.

1st Man said...

They are so cool. I haven't seen any in awhile of researching online so I was excited to find one. You are having some nice weather huh? Sunshine is nice, even when it's hot. Cloudy and rainy gets depressing after awhile, ha.

1st Man said...

Wouldn't that be a great idea? There are some community gardens scattered around but not nearly as many as you'd hope there would be.

The rain is bringing us out of the drought, nothing wrong with that for sure.