Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Here's a favorite breakfast of ours. It's pretty simple but has some great flavor.  

We take about 1/2 dozen eggs (this makes enough for a couple meals for us) 
2 cups baby spinach
Seasonings if desired (we used 1 Tbsp each of dried cilantro and onion flakes).  

This is one pound of Mexican style Chorizo fino (it's the all meat, no cereal fillers version).  It's raw and needs to be cooked.  Cook in skillet over medium high heat until mostly done, about 10 minutes.  

It will continue cooking some more in the next step.  Drain the oil and then push the sausage to one side of the pan.

Add the baby spinach to the hot skillet, reduce heat to medium and cook.

Continue cooking spinach until it is wilted and incorporated into the sausage.

Pour in the beaten egg mixture and cook until done (scrambled eggs consistency).

Plate it up and enjoy.  We serve it with Lavash on the side, but of course you could also use flour tortillas (traditional) to make breakfast tacos. 


  1. Yum - looks delicious! And easy and quick - even better.

  2. Easy Peasy dish and looks Delicious.
    For me; I'm a big fan of the Italian Sausage so I may use it in place of.
    Thank You


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