Monday, May 28, 2018


Saturday was our first home game for the 
that we were able to attend since the first one we went to.  The second one was the weekend we moved and timing just didn't work out.  

We were excited to go back, hot as it was, ha!

Flag and National Anthem
During the National Anthem, they unfurled a flag and then...

Coast Guard flyover
...there was even a flyover just as the anthem ended.  It was a rescue helicopter from the Coast Guard.  Very neat to see, it flew low and made a couple of passes over the stadium.

Houston Sabercats vs Utah Warriors
The game was action packed as always.

Our players were great on both defense...

...and offense. 

Sam Windsor about to kick
Speaking of great plays here was one. Sam Windsor was up next for getting some extra points on the board.  He kicked the ball from the 50 meter line...

It was a long way...

But it flew high and straight down the field...

And he slotted it right through the uprights!  
Three more points!

We entered half time with a lead.

Houston Ladycats
Here are the Houston Ladycats, the Sabercats' cheerleaders.  As usual, they put on a great halftime entertainment program.  Great job Ladycats!!

Sabercats and Warriors
The second half was just as rough and tumble as the first half.

Houston Sabercats Rugby
Both teams played well and we had the upper hand several times.  

Rugby scrum, Houston Sabercats vs Utah Warriors
Here is one of several scrums that happened.  Always fun to watch and root for your team.

Alas, in the end, a last minute score by Utah gave them the lead and ultimately the win.  

Next home game is this coming weekend. A night match.  That should be fun!


EDIT: Somehow, this posted but didn't allow comments or show up in sidebar feeds of other blogs.  Not sure what happened.  A glitch I suppose.  I turned it back on and a couple of coments appeared.  

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  1. Great game, we watched on TV at a local sports pub. Sorry for the loss but hey, it'll always come back around next time.

    1. We hope it comes back around tonight! (another game tonight).

  2. Hey! Great pics again as always, I swear it's like you're out there on the field. Good job and even though they lost, it seemed like a rousing game of back and forth. I'm in Iowa but hey, GO CATS GO, ha!

    1. Aww, thanks for that. I attribute my skills to a good camera. But maybe I have a good eye too. Who knows. Thanks again and yes, GO CATS GO!

  3. What a Hot, but great way to spend Memorial Day
    You must have a great camera as your pictures are Wonderful; so clear and sharp.
    Looked like it was a very exciting game. Too bad your Sabercats team had lost. Wishing them the best of luck next time.

    1. Oh my it was SO hot. Thankful, being a late in the day game, the sun finally went behind the stadium and it was much nicer. Still worked up a sweat just sitting there. Of course we can't even IMAGINE the players and how they are. Wishing them luck tonight.

  4. Those pics are great, feel like I was there . Sorry for the loss but hey, there's always the next game, and they seem like passionate players! B-V

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I just put my face to the lens and take what looks good, ha.

      And yes, rugby players seem to be some of the most passionate players I've ever seen in a sport.

  5. Rugby is a fast paced fun game to watch. The players always put their all into it. both teams. Glad you are becoming a fan. Share your pics anytime.

    1. Oh most definitely fast paced! Sometimes we lose track of the ball as it's getting tossed back and forth. More pics coming after tonights game (and it's the last home game we'll be able to see this season). Hopefully pics next year are from their new stadium!


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