Friday, May 18, 2018


Was in the liquor store the other day at lunch (hey, don't judge, LOL!).  Actually, we needed some sherry for 2nd Man's cooking supplies.  I picked up a bottle and was roaming around killing time when I saw a man taking a picture of something in a case.  I thought, hmm, I wonder what it was that was so interesting to take a picture of?

So I wandered over there and found this: 

Black Pearl Cognac Louis XIII
A bottle of cognac. 

For $69,999.



I found this description online:

"Black Pearl is a new limited edition cognac from Remy Martin's stock of Louis XIII. As for taste, this Cognac boasts only the finest flavors. You are greeted by a noble deep amber color. On the nose there are aromas of delicate flowers, rich fruits and intense spices. On the palate, Louis XIII takes you on a world journey: to China with flavors of lychee and ginger, to Cuba with cigars and cigar box, and Central America with cinnamon. Only one tiercon (a type of oak barrel) will be used, meaning only 786 people will be able to buy this special bottle. The custom decanter, hand-crafted by artisans at Baccarat, is black crystal with platinum accents. The Louis XIII cognac inside contains a blend of more than 1,200 lots up to 100 years old."

We just can't possibly imagine how much money you'd have to have where this would be a "comfortable buy"?

And would you drink something that cost this much? I mean, even if you could afford it?  

It's just crazy how things like this have come up in our society and it seems to be no big deal.  The amazing thing is that this will be probably be sold and gone the next time I go in. 


  1. OMG. You got to be kidding me!!!
    What a collectors item. Even if I could afford it; I sure as heck wouldn't drink it.
    Just what everyone needs for a big wedding, or holiday gathering.............NOT.
    Wouldn't mind having the empty decanter tho.

    1. You Tube video

  2. Wish I had enough money to buy this -- just think how many mistreated horses I could help!

  3. Some people definitely have more money than sense.

  4. find out who buys it, get your begging bowl, and stand on his doorstep.
    it doesn't hurt to try.

  5. Practical ParsimonyMay 18, 2018 at 3:30 PM

    Just because they try to normalize it does not mean we are in agreement. I think this is something you buy for bragging rights. It's a "more money than sense" item.

  6. How the other 1% lives. I cannot understand people who are prepared to spend that amount of money on an ephemeral pleasure. Bragging rights? More money than sense?

  7. And if it tastes awful? Who would you admit THAT to!?

  8. that's hella more than I make in a year's pay. I could by several new cars with that kind of cash.

  9. I'm sending this link to my brother. He likes sipping whiskey, a drink that he picked up from a former father in law. He goes to a store that has a sipping whiskey day. The price is mind boggling!

  10. Makes the price of Courvoisier seem like peanuts. If it were only 69,990 I might consider it, but those last nine dollars takes it out of play.

  11. Come on 1st Man, tell us how many bottles you bought!!!

  12. At that price, it better cook, clean, and have sex with you.


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