Sunday, May 27, 2018


 It's been a good weekend.  Saturday I got to mow and of course you all know how much I enjoy that.  How much?  

Well, this much!  HA!

Got a lot done.

There were veggies ready too...

But then we had to get back into town for our rugby game...

Today I went to the farm by myself to finish a project, but more on that in its own post...

Came back in time for the Indy 500 and...

NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 is on now...

Feels like 103 degrees at 4:44.  It's hot.  Good time to stay inside.  

There is chicken in the oven and...

Hobart says hello!

Hope your weekend is a good one so far!  More on all these in upcoming posts (and comments catch up!).


  1. LOL. What a great first picture and such a cool looking tractor.
    We got our yard mowed early this afternoon; (grass was too wet this morning to mow) and Hot; mercy it was hot. Not much of breeze here and just think next week we get into the triple digits. :{
    Did pick my first tomato yesterday and have more that will be following soon.
    Picked a couple peppers as well and in the freezer they went.
    I did watch part of the Indy race and then had to go into town; checking on window air conditioners for hubby's shed in hopes to make it somewhat cooler as we are planning on building a rather larger picnic table for our daughter & son-in law and hope to have it built by the end of June so that we can deliver it for the BBQ & family gathering that they will be having at that time.
    Enjoy the races. I know I have.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  2. It has to be said: Hobart is gorgeous.

  3. You’ve had a busy weekend with a lot of things accomplished at the Farm and then fun in the city.
    The summer heat has arrived with a hot blast, that is for sure. Hobart has the right idea - staying inside where it’s cool.
    I canned some Bread & Butter pickles today. Tomorrow I’m canning some tomatoes since the garden has produced a bunch. And I’m also going to make some Tomato Jam - my grandma used to make it and it reminds me of her.
    The okra has started producing along with the peppers, so I’m going to make a big pot of okra gumbo - mmm.
    Happy Holiday weekend!

    1. Our Grandma and Mother made tomato jam also. Really like it, if you have yellow tomatoes even better. Not I am hungry for some.

  4. hi hobart; keep your cool, lil kitty!

  5. Do you sing and dance with Judy Garland while you work?


  6. I. LOVE THAT. FIRST. PIC! Awesome! You should use that every time you go mow. And as has been said too, Hobart is a doll.


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