Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As complicated as this might look, it was actually way easier than I anticipated.  I figured I would just jump right in and do it...after making sure the power was off of course.

As a youngster, I always helped my Dad do this when we moved or put up a new fan somewhere.  I seem to recall it involved me holding a flashlight and him uttering profanities. 

Surprisingly, I didn't need either of those. No one needed to hold a flashlight and I never once uttered a cuss word, LOL.  They all went up easily and quickly.

Now we have overhead light in both bedrooms and the living room.  We mostly use lamps in those rooms but it's nice to have some extra light when you need it.  We also opted for the light fixtures they call "schoolhouse", for their vintage look.  This was one of the 'good things' that happened over the weekend.


Frugal Living UK said...

I always feel a little personal triumph when I succeed with something electrical!

Ellen in Oregon said...

After all the kinks with the water heater projects, I'm happy that you had smooth sailing with the ceiling fans. Love the vintage look.

1st Man said...

AMEN! It makes me nervous but the more I do the less nervous I am. It's always a personal triumph for me.

1st Man said...

Yes, it was a variety of emotions, ha. High and low. This was a definite high. :-)