Sunday, March 17, 2013


Vintage Don't Waste Bread, image courtesy of Imperial War Museum
Love these posters.  I found the one above and as I was looking online for more information about its history, I found another one that matched it so I thought it would be neat to post both together.

These posters date from WWI in Europe, about 1917.  On the home front, of course conservation was the word.  The German U boats were sinking supply ships and so rationing of scare resources was the norm for civilians.  With these two, they were urging citizens to save bread in an order to add to the rationed food so that there would be more for everyone.  It was hoped that this would lead to less need for supply ships and that the U boats would, in essence be defeated.  They even gave a number, two slices per day!

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Vintage Don't Waste Bread, image courtesy of Imperial War Museum


Mary Ann said...

I have seen spam on three websites so far today, I wonder what's up in Blogland?

I figured these had to be English posters... and they were... the Imperial War Museum... neat, though!

Practical Parsimony said...

I love these old posters. It is amazing the creativity of a country at war.

1st Man said...

I delete the ones that slip through but occasionally some do. I"m toying with full moderation of all comments, I don't want to turn off anonymous comments just yet because we do have some that like to comment anonymously.

Aren't they great posters? Just love them.

1st Man said...

It really is huh? And how they brought everyone together for a common cause. I wonder if that would even happen today?

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

I had full moderation on but the spam just kept coming. I almost think they were taking it as a challenge. I was getting anywhere from 5-20 spam comments a day. I gave up and disallowed anonymous comments AND retained comment moderation. (insert my frownie face here)

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

I would have been very unpatriotic because I am way to much of a carb lover (especially bread) to do that, haha

Love the posters though!

Kev Alviti said...

My first time to London was to visit the imperial war museum. A great day out but that was about fifteen years ago.