Monday, March 4, 2013


Here is part one of the weekend and this was a fun part of it.  Other than growing things, I love and enjoy decorating and finding stuff.  I might not be the greatest at it but I sure do enjoy it!

Anyway, the other day at lunch, I stopped into Marshall's Home Goods and found this great little end table.  It was the perfect pale yellow color to match the other furniture in the guest room.  It has a drawer, which is always useful, and a little shelf on the bottom.  It also has a distressed look which fits nicely.

This is what the spot looked like before.  We already had this round one with a tablecloth that we were using as an end table.  It worked for the lamp and an alarm clock which was OK, but we always kept an eye out for something else.

 We also have, off the master bedroom, this little sitting area.  It's still a work in progress.  These two chairs were just extras we've had from the time we first closed on the house (needed something inexpensive to sit on when there was no other furniture at the time, ha).  They've been all over the house during the last year but they finally ended up here.  The looked lonely so we needed something else for that spot, specifically, a table and a lamp.  

I moved the table from the guest room into here and put it between the two lonely chairs.  I also moved the lamp in here because we needed some light in this area.  Got a new lampshade for it, but I just saw one online last night that is blue and white, I might just return this and get that one.  Eventually, we want comfy chairs, maybe with ottomans, in this spot so we can sit and read but for now, this will work. 

Here is where I put the new yellow end table next to the guest room bed.  I also brought this vintage lamp that we had in town (it's a family heirloom) that I had never thought about bringing before.  But by moving the other lamp into the sitting area, we needed one here and this just seemed like the right spot for it.  The colors and flowers blend in perfectly.  Now what to put on the shelf and what to put in the drawer?  Decisions decisions...

So a small $30 purchase (the yellow end table), allowed me to move several things around and I really was able to finish, or at least get to a finished 'look', two different rooms.  Have you ever found one thing that let you completely redo several other things?  I love it when that happens.


  1. I love it! Your house is adorable. I think you need to come style my house for me. I can pay you with homemade breads, jams and salsa.

    1. Thank you! We're coming along, baby steps I guess, ha. Actually, there is a lot done inside, now I need to get cracking on the outside, LOL.

      I'd take pay in all that!

  2. I love it when that happens too!!! EVERY time I bought something I spent half the day rearranging. HA! You home is so adorable guys... and INVITING. Maybe that's why I feel right at home when I drop in for a visit. (smile)

    Lovin' that cute little yellow table, but then anything pink or yellow is a winner by me. Look how nicely the new (old) lamp and yellow table matches the beautiful flowered quilt! Pink and yellow and eyelet and flowers and tassels AND and white iron bed! Gorgeous!!!

    1. It's so true about how one thing that cause a domino of rearranging, ha.

      Thank you so much for your nice words. You know, at our house in town, whenever people come over, they always say our house feels so "homey". We hope to accomplish that at the farm too.

      You'd love the guest room, it's done in pink, white and yellow. :-)


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