Friday, May 29, 2015


OK, so after the crazy events of the last few days, we woke up to MORE rain.

No kidding...

This is the radar when we went to bed last night, and it moved through while we were sleeping and dumped another inch or so.  It is slow to leave the area and there is more in the forecast for the afternoon!  Flash Flood Watch in effect, and this is not what any of the streams or rivers need.

We called 2nd Family and asked how things were out there.  Wet and muddy and sloshy...imagine that!  Then "J" said "we've been picking up fish out of the driveway".  

Excuse me?  Fish?

Yep, minnows and a couple of other species.  I said "send me a picture!" and she sent this to me:

Not sure what this one is, but it was one of three just like it that she saved and moved to their backyard pond.  She also gathered up another random small fish, and a cup full of minnows, including a few in the chicken coop/yard!

Where do fish just come from out of nowhere?  The only thing we can think is washed out of ponds on nearby properties?  The water was standing and rushing down the driveway for the last few days so it's no telling where they came from.  Still, kinda fun that fish are just appearing.

It's been a busy week at work (insurance biz) and so I am looking forward to the weekend.  Of course, there is a strong chance of...wait for it...




  1. Replies
    1. Ha, true but hopefully better weather coming!

  2. I have heard of it raining cats and dogs; but fish. :} Nice that some of the fish where able to be saved and I'm sure they came from other ponds that are around in the area. Actually, I would much rather see fish on the ground than snakes.
    Yup, we received another 3 1/2 inches again this morning early and had right around 50 roads closed here in Johnson County alone.

  3. build the ark and get the hell out of there. where there are driveway fish, there is trouble!!!

  4. How bizarre at first glance. Maybe not so bizarre if ponds overflowed. I'm glad some were rescued. Maybe their owners can id It's great to have correspondents in the field...or the driveway.

  5. Hope the "newbies" don't eat the "oldies" in the pond...

  6. All kinds of surprises tend to wash up when rivers overflow their banks, and it's not all nice stuff....
    I'm hoping the rains will just go away for you, send it to California, where they need it.
    In the 2010 flood here houses and schools were floating down the interstate *sigh*

  7. 1st,
    I am in admiration of the humor with which you have written this latest post. Under the current weather circumstances with which you are dealing with I don’t know if I could muster the grace you use in keeping us informed of the goings and coming there in Texas. Wishing you a guys a little dry weather in the near future. – G

  8. I used to catch fish in the field as a child when our ponds overflowed. The large ones seem to know to stay in, the others are swept away.

    Rumor has it a package is in town.

  9. A few years back we had major flooding and a friend took a photo of a debris island floating down the swollen river that bordered their property. On that island of debris was a large black snake, an echidna and a wombat. Not your usual hang out buddies! Your gummies will really get a work out now. Hope some sunshine finds you soon.

  10. Watch for lost and found posters.
    Lost: 'several fish during heavy rains'

  11. Oh my.
    I am glad that some at least of the fish could be saved.
    On the other side of the world we were promised rain. All we got was incontinent pigeon showers. Splat, splat and it was gone.
    I hope you get dry days soon.

  12. Just when you think you’ve heard of everything -- Going fishing in your driveway -- amazing!

  13. 1st Man,

    I am looking forward to next week, no rain.....maybe we all will dry out a bit??
    Stay dry and safe!!! Hanging in there, one day soon there won't be rain.


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