Monday, May 25, 2015


OK, after a recap of Saturday's TRAGIC EVENT, on to other things (that more or less added to a not so great weekend).

I missed the regular driveway path while driving in (it has gravel) because it was raining and made these 'new ones', almost getting the Jeep stuck.  Oops.  I'm sure grass will fill this in after a few weeks.

As I pulled in, this was the view.  "Barnabas" has lost part of his 'arm', ha.  The wind snapped this branch off.  Mesquite trees grow long offshoots like this and they are susceptible to breaks because of gravity.  But add in some high wind...

Mesquite branch broken
...and they can just snap off.  Sigh.  Oh well, it will just make the yard on this side of the house a bit sunnier, which isn't such a bad thing I suppose.  The lighter weight will keep the main part of the branch viable for years to come.  

Rubber boots in the mud
Of course, here is what the yard looked like.  It was squishy mud and standing water almost everywhere.  The rubber boots still rock.  LOVE them.  Needless to say, there was no WAY I was going to be able to mow (this is going on three weeks without mowing).  All I can say is the grass hasn't gotten as bad as I thought it might be, I guess there can be such a thing as TOO MUCH water and maybe it stunts the growth?  Too bad we aren't growing rice, LOL.

On to some good things...

Bee hive entrance 
The bees seem happy!  They were coming and going and lots of activity in the hives.  With the sprinkling rain I didn't keep them open for too long so I couldn't take pics but there was lots of comb being made and the queens looked good.  I removed the feeders which leaves a bigger opening/entrance to the hive and the girls looked happy to have more room to come and go.

Slight angle to read of bee hive
I had also read that you should always make sure the hives are a bit elevated in the back so that rain doesn't enter the hive and/or stand in the bottom.  I don't think we were having that problem but just in case, I put some broken clay pot shards under the back side of the hive stands.

Texas Lilac in bloom  
And we have some blooms!  All of the Texas Lilac trees that we planted along the driveway are in full bloom.  Even with all this rain and standing water.  So at least we know of one plant for sure that loves our weather conditions.  

Now we just need them to be about 6 feet taller, LOL!

And of course, on this Memorial Day, we say THANK YOU to all who serve and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.


  1. and i saw that more rain is on the way for you! i hope some blows up this way!

  2. The Barnabas branch can be cut and added to your burn pile. Do y'all have a fire pit yet? Those muddy tire ruts will disappear quickly esp. since you have more rain on the way. Yay for lilacs and happy bees.

  3. I think most of us are in the same boat when it comes to the mowing. Nice to have the rain but it can quit anytime. Yard needs mowing but it is Not good for a riding lawn mowers to be mowing wet grass.
    Your Texas Lilac is more know as a Texas Vitex; better known as butterfly shrub.
    Mine aren't blooming yet but will be soon. By cutting off bottom branches they will turn more into a tree type instead of a shrub.
    Preparing for the storms that are moving in once again. :{

    1. The ruts will stay and once they dry out it will be rather bumping mowing over them.
      I would smooth down the ruts and fill in with some dirt to make the ruts more level.

  4. 1st Man,

    Amen!!! We will always respect and remember those who have fought for our freedoms and this country.

    I love my rubber boots too!!! They've sure come in handy these past 2 weeks.

    Poor Barnabus! Be careful cutting the rest of this branch down.

  5. We had nearly 12" of rain Saturday night and are in the same boat up north. It is unbelievable. I wonder if it will ever dry out. Sunday, I found 7 goldfish on the patio around my goldfish pond which has been overflowing. All but one were still breathing, I guess from the rain. More is coming today and the rest of the week. El Nino needs to move down the coast.

  6. The place is looking pretty good. I love mesquite trees. They're ugly, but they make great firewood. Burns hot for the winter. Love the rain, it just treats me bad with my arthritis.

  7. Maybe the mesquite tree would be good for heat this winter or for grilling. I need new rubber boots just for the walk to the chicken pen and for inside the pen. We have more rain today and a prediction of rain for a week! It's good your bees are doing well. The ruts will stay but grass will cover them. t least they do in my yard. Hooray for happy and well bees.

  8. Just wait till the sun comes out, the grass will bolt before your very eyes. Then you will have to wait for the water to drain off and all the while the grass will make hay and grow and grow and grow.

  9. A very mixed weekend - but the good bits are wonderful. And quite possibly support each other. I wonder what lilac honey tastes like?

  10. Although you are wet it could be worse as it was in some parts of many states. Scary! Glad there was minimal damage. We had some limbs down and door damage on our shop but nothing we can't repair.

    I am so glad the bees are prospering. This can only be good for all. I love bees and see fewer and fewer. Considering ordering some for spring.

    Thank you for honoring those who have served.

    Have a wonderful week.

  11. That’s a beautiful Memorial Day poster and remembrance.
    Sorry about the damage to Barnabas - but the mesquite wood will be great for grilling.
    Colleen is right - the ruts will stay unless smoothed out. Go out in your trusty boots and tromp them down even.
    Happy, healthy bees and gorgeous purple blooms to greet you on your driveway - smile-makers!

  12. 1st,
    Have just come in from a day working around the property I turned on the Weather Nation channel, “Dude!!!” I know you have been posting about all the ran but from the images WNC was showing Texas is soaked!!! I am hoping that you guys are not in some of the heavier rainfall locations, also hoping you are safe and dry. As for Little Farm I am hope that other damage will be minimal and that a fallen limb and soggy sod is all you will have to tend with. Thought are with you guys. – G

  13. Those are some very smart hives you have there - lucky bees !

  14. I feel for you 1st Man. I, too, witnessed a dog killing a cat many years ago - in this case it was our Great Dane and RMan's old cat, Muts.

    The memory still haunt's me - could I not have done something...? :(


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