Sunday, May 31, 2015


We were curious to see how wet it was at the farm after the epic rains we've had.  The insurance adjuster came out Friday to look at the roof from the last windstorm we had, but only a few missing shingles, not enough to be over the deductible.  As a side note, he got his car stuck in the yard, and had to get pulled out by a wrecker!  That's how wet things are out there.  Of course, we know where the "high spots" are to park but in all fairness, I did tell him to wait until it dried out, but he took the chance.

So first thing Saturday, we loaded up a few things and headed out.  

This is a major river that is several miles from the farm and we decided to swing by and see how high it was.

It was high!  We had to park at a rest stop area and walk over to the bridge.  This is the view looking toward the North...

...and this is the view toward the South.  This is the direction it is all flowing and sadly, for those downstream, that's where the worst of the flooding is.  Below is the view from the bridge looking down to the trees, those with the tops sticking out are on the banks and more than 20 feet tall.

I was able to mow, but not much.  The yard was SO wet and muddy.  As you can see in the photos (the spots I couldn't mow) it was completely out of control. I did the center part of the driveway so we can at least get in and around the house and some of the front yard but that was it.

These 'ruts' are where I chanced mowing through a really muddy spot with standing water and got the back tires of the zen machine stuck in the mud.  Oops!  Took some pushing but we got it out. 

The house was OK, so that's good.  The bees were good as well.  I took the roofs off and inspected and they were happy and doing their thing.  Even with the rains, they were coming back to the hives loaded up with pollen.  Once again, it was starting to sprinkle so I didn't want to leave them open too long.  

As has been the case, for days weeks on end, the clear skies of the morning gave way to the ominous gray skies of the afternoon.  Right after I took this picture, there was a loud clap of thunder and by the time we got back in the car, it opened up and started raining...and we had several more inches of rain.

Regular reader Colleen posted this link in one of her comments and I thought I'd put it here.  Click on THIS LINK to read some mind-blowing stats about the Texas flooding. 

But LOOK!!!

This is the just released forecast of for the next 4 days.  Can it be?  No rain?  Today is overcast, but the radar for the whole state looks to be clear of storms.  We aren't going to the farm, it really is just too wet, instead we'll stay in town and start cleaning out some closets and cabinets.  Time for some Spring telling what fun things we'll find.

If the weather holds all week, it should be nice and dry next weekend and it will be a yardworkapalooza, ha.  

Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. That looks like a good forecast. I hope it holds true. It's rained every day here in AL for weeks now, but nothing like you have gotten, nothing dangerous. Seeing all the flooding with loss of life and property, I have seriously, seriously thought about how my house is situated. Thankfully, I am on very high ground.

    Hopefully, with the warning the folks downstream will be prepared and the flood will not take lives.

  2. Glad your bees made it through the storm okay.

  3. i bet it will be amazing to see how fast you are back to normal. good thing because i was picturing your bees wearing floaties!

  4. good to hear the bees are doing well.
    Just a bit of advice; speaking of experience here. Don't mow when the grass is wet with a riding mower.
    Hubby had to order new parts cause he took a chance the other day and mowed. After looking in the manual to see what parts he needed, it also said in big bold letters; 'Do Not Mow When The Grass Is Wet.'

  5. I guess we did trade weather as we are supposed to have three days of rain. It is a good trade.

  6. Thank you for reassuring us that the bees are ok. I wonder where they are finding pollen in the rain? Busy as a bee isn't just a phrase is it?

  7. I was worried that the bees might have had trouble getting food with all the rain. So glad that the bees, the house, and all are well at the Farm.

  8. Not sure we can trust the forecast, ours is really nice for the week... but I am thinking I will believe when I see it! lol

  9. Mother nature just has to let us know, every now and then, how powerful she is and how powerless we are under her full force. I have to wonder, if you're getting all this rain whether we are going to be hit with serious drought. I little tip with the zen machine, when the wheels spin on wet grass try leaning right back. My husband has found this sometimes helps as it puts more weight over the tyres. Hope you see some decent sunshine soon.

  10. 1st Man,

    Rain.....rain.....go away.....don't come back another day!!! Give us some nice sun with enjoyable temperatures......

    No rain for us today, and I cut the grass. Got stuck several times, had to push the Zen Machine out of the mud.

  11. That's a flooded river for sure. I am glad there is no more damage than there was. Many people were very fortunate. Many were not.

    There is beauty and strength in flood water but oh, so much destruction.


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