Thursday, May 28, 2015


For today, after the tragic events in our city over the last few days, I decided that for inspiration, we would put it where it belongs...on all of the first responders who came to help residents in Houston as they faced an epic storm.

The Houston Police Department

The Houston Fire Department

The American Red Cross

And of course, the thousands of Houstonians who risked their lives to help rescue people from cars, helped get them out of flooded homes, who worked in the hospitals, and brought food, and donated clothing...they are the 'everyday heroes' that always inspire!

It makes us proud to call Houston home.


  1. truly inspirational!

  2. It's been shown on news programmes here in UK, it's a bad time for those people.

  3. Disasters bring out the good in most people. Glad you are safe. It could have been so much worse.

  4. 1st Man,

    A really nice dedication my friend!
    Stay safe and weather aware!

  5. it is just horrible what has happened there. thank heavens you guys are safe!

  6. Have you guys been able to contact First Family yet to see if they are ok. I sure hope so!!!

  7. Here`s hoping things will get back to normal quickly for you all.

  8. So glad y'all are safe. I saw the line of thundershowers hitting along I-10 and I thought of you guys. I was a little worried. As for us in Seguin we are okay. We have the Guadalupe to worry about but nothing bad as of yet.
    When I worked as a lab tech at our hospital laboratory in New Braunfels near I-35, we had a flood that nearly wiped out the area below us. I stayed all night and worked not only my shift but two more shifts(about 48 hours) because our day team couldn't make it past the bridge. That was a fun but scary time for everyone. I never worked so hard in my life. But I loved every minute of it because I was helping our fellow man and that's what I signed up for in my job. I really miss it.

  9. From the song “Everyday Heroes”:
    “Thank God for the everyday heroes
    For all you've done and for all you do
    Thank God for the everyday heroes
    It's a better world because of you.”

  10. Absolutely! Americans helping Americans. Awesome!

  11. It is always heart-warming when disasters bring out the best in people. And that best is often very, very good.

  12. We also can't forget about the National Guard who have done many rescues whenever needed for any disaster

  13. Thank you for thinking of the Police and other First Responders especially in a time where they don't seem to be appreciated for the Dangerous jobs they do. Our Society has sunk to the levels of "I will do what I want and I shoulnt have to be responsible for my actions". Yet in times of Great Need, they are the First Ones to be called, and they go Willingly. I think there are some people who need to be reminded of that.


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