Friday, May 14, 2021


Something happened with it, a Blogger error and/or Google because the website was down for a bit.  It was reported to Google and it has been fixed. They are also going to keep an eye on things.  It's always something. I won't repost because it's completely gone.

Just didn't want anyone to wonder or get a weird message.  So here, enjoy this sunset in downtown Houston.  Sure a farm sunset is beautiful too but we do enjoy this view too.

More this weekend!  Several things planned, we'll see what all happens.  Might go tomorrow, might wait until Sunday as other things are planned for tomorrow but not sure what will happen first, ha. 

Be safe, have a good one!


  1. Hope you are doing well, I've been absent for a bit, family drama. I need to check your last few weeks of posts. I love that view! Janie V

  2. Even a cityscape can be beautiful.

    Janie, and I see I'm below another Janie

  3. At least I saw the post and the puzzling free object.

  4. Such a lovely photo.
    Thanks 4 sharing


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