Wednesday, October 5, 2022


We went to a farmer's market near the farm and saw all these decorative gourds/pumpkins. So many varieties and all so pretty in their own ways, I had to get some pictures...

"Little Sprites"

These are really cool with the patterns of the deeper orange in the segments.  They almost look painted or even cut to expose orange seams, ha.


Then there are these,  Very Halloween looking for sure. Bumps and ridges and black and dark green, they are creepy as Halloween should be.

"Snowball Pumpkins"

And then these white ones!  Stunning, so white that they look painted.  We read that they are just as edible as a regular pumpkins.  If one was inclined to paint decorations on pumpkins instead of carving, these would be a blank canvas.  How pretty would they be paired with black decorative objects?

"Orange Sparklers"

These are really cute, little flat pumpkins with some lighter spots and of course, really long stems.


These are really bizarre.  They look like extras from a sci-fi movie but they are beautiful colors and patterns.

"Apple Gourds"

Very interesting shape and color.  It's definitely shaped like an apple but to us it looked more like a watermelon or something similar.

"Pie Pumpkins"

And of course, the ubiquitous small pumpkins.  Love these and a few times in recent years, we've roasted some to put up for future use. They do make great pies!

The weather may not scream "Fall" yet (here, anyway) but seeing these sure makes it seem like it.


  1. The apple gourds are really cool looking as well as the 'little sprites'. Haven't seen either ones of those around here.
    I have dried gourds and small pumpkins years ago and still use them in my decorating to this day. The ones that are called swan gourds are neat cause you can do woodburning on them of turn into a cute bird house.

  2. Great pictures! We have all of these in our area as well. The little sprites and the white pumpkins are my favorites.

  3. A cornucopia of gourds and pumpkins! The various colors and shapes are amazing. Perfect for Fall and Halloween.

  4. Those pictures are so pretty. I enlarged them. I might use one as my wallpaper on my computer if you don't mind, ha. Janie V

  5. Seems like Fall had a difficult time getting here but about 300 miles North West of you it seems to finally be setting in. Starting late this week consistend temps during the day in the 70's with nights in th 40's and 50's. I thought it would never get here. Sadly, the only pumpkins I have seen in this area and the pie pumpkins. We don't, I guess have a large enough group of pumpkin eaters to justify making the effort to produce the beauties you found.

  6. Thanks for this-have not seen many of the ones you showed. Beautiful!

  7. I feel very much in mind if our friend who made us try everything once. I miss her and you!

    I haven't been getting notifications about your blog, did I fall off the list?


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