Monday, October 3, 2022


 It was a great weekend.  The weather was almost perfect (no humidity but could have been just a few degrees cooler, ha) but really it was nice.  What we've been waiting for.  If you are bored with mowing pictures and want to see some good food, scroll to the end and see the lunch I had.

2nd Man is in the middle of a big project at work and had to work at home so I was solo.

If you saw the post Friday, the mower is back and I needed to get some gas.  Several of you as well as the service guy, suggested "Ethanol Free" gasoline.  The guy at the shop said Bucees has it. 

There is one on the way to the farm and so I stopped.  For those not from the South, Bucees is a chain that is very well known and if you are ever traveling and want an adventure, stop at one.  They are amazing.  This one is in Katy, TX and the food and stuff inside is just incredible.  They also have the Guinness Book of World Records certified longest car wash in the world.  

Anyway, I pulled in and saw the signs for the pumps that have the Ethanol Free gas.

It's a little more than regular gasoline (but hey, still cheaper than when regular gas was higher earlier this Summer).  I filled up the 5 gallon can and headed to the farm.

The mower was sitting there where they dropped it off.  They even left some of the fuel stabilizer they used (I had already bought some Sta-Bil brand).  I filled it up with the new gas and started it.  It was much smoother running than it has been the last few times.

Of course they also did a regular tune-up, sharpened the blades, etc.

I was off to mow!

In some places, I had to mow with the mowing deck all the way up first to keep from getting bogged down in thicker grass.  For example, this was along a side fence.

Then I'd go back over it with the mowing deck down to normal level to finish it.  Looks good!

Here's one to show you how tall it was (the trails were the worst).  Again, one pass with the deck up...

...and then a pass again with the deck down.
Neat and tidy.

Bill the Truck isn't "knee deep" in grass.  In fact after mowing this area, you can see that our dry weather is back.  We haven't had rain in a couple of weeks.  Good for less stressful mowing and let me hit all the remote spots without fear of mud and getting stuck.

Here's the front yard.  This looks much prettier, more green (and look at that stunning blue sky).

The mower worked like a new machine!

An hour and half, almost 7 miles and about 4 acres.

2nd Man sent me to the farm with some fried chicken in a bag for a quick lunch.  I warmed it in the microwave and then thought..."I need to make this perfect to go with this perfect weekend".

I went to the pear tree and pulled one of the pears that was still on there that we hadn't harvested.  I sliced it thin and realized the plate needed some color.  I plucked a couple of "Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow" blossoms and put them on the plate.  I pulled up the rocker to a small table on the porch, had my glass of tea and voila!  It was just the most perfect lunch.

The pear, I guess because we had left some on there, even straight off the tree actually tasted fine.  It was still a bit firm but sweet, juicy and warm from the sun.  Flowers were inedible of course, but we eat with our eyes first and this made it beautiful.

I sent a picture to 2nd Man.
He was jealous. 😁

Yes, it was a great day!


  1. OH MY WORD. That plate of food looks amazing, like something you'd get at a restaurant. And the yard looks good too, haha. Janie V -

    1. Aww thanks! Pretty yard needed a pretty lunch, ha.

  2. It definitely reads like you had a perfect weekend where everything was as it should be! Those flowers are so pretty and the chicken looks crunchy!

    1. Thanks, it all came out nicely. I was having a great time.

  3. Everything looks so well done, nice job. Now, why did I break out laughing at the picture of Judy on the tractor?

    1. Ha!!!! Thanks. Yep, I love using this GIF to represent how happy I am on my Zen Machine, except maybe a few weeks in August, LOL.

  4. Wow, some areas were starting to look like a jungle! Glad your Zen machine is roaring and ready to go again. The yard looks so neat afterwards.
    What a beauty of a lunch you had! 2nd Man’s fried chicken, a freshly picked pear from your own tree, and a spot of pretty color - perfect Farm eating!

    1. Oh yes, it kept me worrying a bit, though much less after our neighbor mowed the big part for us. The trails were starting to revert back to nature, ha, but now they are back. With the dry weather back, I'm guessing no mowing this weekend. The meal was yummy for sure.

  5. we are having the coolest fall we have had in years. i am in heaven! i would work for that fried chicken! it looked perfect.

    1. Oh that's nice (hope that doesn't mean a really cold winter for you though). I think Fall is my favorite weather. Or those two weeks here that we have in Spring, ha. Will work for food? I hear ya! Me too! :-)

  6. One happy camper now that you have your Zen back again. Everything looks neat and tidy once again.
    That fried chicken and pear looks wonderful.
    Who's more spoiled; you or Hobart? :-)
    Have a great day and enjoy your evening.

    1. It was a good day, thank you. Spoiled? Hmmm, maybe I should tag me with #notspoiled, haha!!!


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