Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Americana Pig
For those who have followed the blog for awhile, you might remember the story of how we named our farm.  Every good farm needs a name, right?  So we named ours Seda Bolsa.  If you are a new visitor to the blog, or just missed the naming debate last summer, you can CLICK HERE to read all about it.

We figured we needed a mascot, something that would make visitors remember the name, maybe something that could even become a logo to personalize stationary or something for the guest room at the farm.  So of course, with the name we chose, a "pig" was the obvious choice for an image.

Flash forward to this long weekend and during our trip to Oklahoma, I found this little guy and he just seemed perfect.  He's black and white, and since he's now sitting on the desk in the foyer, with it's black and white floor and black and white toile chair, he just seemed to fit nicely.  The rustic "Americana style" of the design also works with the overall style of things in the house.

What about your place, does it have a mascot?  A symbol?  A logo?


Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

haha omg I LOVE it!! That is perfect!

kymber said...

i love him, too, and think he is very handsome - bahahahahah! and i love where you have chosen to locate him!

and yes - Framboise Manor has a mascot/symbol. it took many months of reading various philosophical tomes and whatnot.

we named the Manor, "Framboise Manor" because we live in Framboise. i know that is pretty exciting in itself - but - wait for it. our symbol is: dah-dee-dah: a raspberry!

see if you can figure that out - bahahahahah!

your friend,

Kelly said...

Can't wait to see it!!!!! E-mail details on where we are meeting and your cell phone number. Only a few more days. YAY!!!

1st Man said...

Thanks, glad you like it! I just couldn't resist. :-)

1st Man said...

Ha, thanks! He is handsome huh? I never thought about it though, he needs a name. I mean, the name of the farm is Seda Bolsa, and now we have a pig mascot, but he needs a name. I'll have to work on that, ha.

Framboise, isn't that French for raspberry? I love the name of your place, and besides, who doesn't love a good raspberry?? So that begs the question, do you have them growing on your property?

1st Man said...

Will do! Replying to your email today. :-)

kymber said...

he does need a name! i can't wait to hear what his name will be! yes, Framboise means raspberry and i was trying to be funny since we live in Framboise and the whole 2 communities are covered in raspberries - hence our name and symbol isn't all that deep - bahahahahaha!

our land is covered in wild raspberry bushes! when we go for walks down to the river, we always take a bucket to gather raspberries. we then freeze them and can them for the winter. our land is also covered in wild strawberries, blueberries and cranberries - yummeh!

your friend,