Sunday, May 6, 2012


A view on the property
Here is a picture I took last weekend while roaming around picking berries.  It's where I found the "Passion Flower Vine" that I blogged about HERE a few days ago and I just thought it was so peaceful.

We'll be out there today, wandering this path at some point I'm sure, but doing more work. Still don't have the flower beds whipped into shape, of course I'll have to mow and edge, have an old chicken coop building to help 2nd Family move down to their house, and just general 'stuff to do'.  If I can squeeze in one last berry picking adventure, I'll do that too.

Oh, I almost forgot, we may end up getting window unit air conditioners this weekend as well.  At least that's the plan at this point.  It's just getting to be so hot out there, we want to have the option to make it more comfortable if we decide to turn them on, and of course, have any guests comfortable as well.

Ripples in a pond!!

UPDATE:  Didn't get as much done outside on Saturday, because a majority of the day was spent putting in  two window unit air conditioners.  But it's done, and it 'almost' works, but more on that during the week.  For now it's off to bed and early to rise tomorrow morning to head out again and work on the outside projects (including the weekly mowing).

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