Sunday, May 13, 2012


Well, today is Mother's Day, so first and foremost,

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom's out there.

Hope it is a happy day and you get treated like the queens you are!

We miss ours terribly, but we know they are always here in spirit to watch over us (and help us make the right decisions on the farm, ha). 
Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Victory Garden poster Courtesy:  Chicago Art Institute Archives
For today, here is a cute poster.  I'm not sure about the rhythm of the 'poem', it loses a bit at the end, LOL, but it's still funny and definitely original.  It uses a classic Mother Goose.  This one is from WWII and once again, they urged everyone to plan their "Victory Gardens", which helped the war effort.  I know I am planning ours now!

For those new followers and new visitors to the blog, every Sunday, for about a year now, I've posted an image of a classic, vintage, gardening or canning poster that I've found online.  Usually from library collections or historical societies or just found randomly online, you can click on the 'history' tag below this if to view them all. 

As always, we hope you are having a great weekend!


kymber said...

we are having a most gorgeous, spring day here at the Manor! and we have spent the morning planting our victory garden - woohoo!

here is some more info on the sprouts:

Happy Mother's Day to both of your Mothers for raising such intelligent, strong and sweet men! we need more of you in the world!

i hope you both are having a wonderful weekend - we sure are! now it's time for naked suntanning and it is so fresh and warm outside that we don't even need the hillbilly windbreak today - bahahahahah!

your friend,

(oh p.s. - i love the vintage posters!)

John Gray said...

mary is a real stunner

Leigh said...

Love all those vintage posters. They remind us of a great concept from the past. The thing that puzzles me, is the change of thinking over the years. At one time gardening was patriotic and the sign of an upstanding citizen. Now it's beginning to be treated as foolish.

1st Man said...

Awww you're so sweet. Thank you. :-)

Victory gardening is great! Had a pretty good weekend, had a lot of rain Friday night/saturday morning so the yard at the farm is a bit flooded/muddy, couldn't do much outside, but there is always something to do inside. I'm jealous of your weekend!

Thanks Kymber!

1st Man said...

OH, and thanks for the link to your sprout machine, that thing rocks. I'll have to keep my eye out. Maybe eBay perhaps?

1st Man said...

TOO FUNNY! Yeah, she's a looker huh? Those shoes and leggings made me think of the Wizard of Oz for a moment, LOL!

1st Man said...

OMG, that's is too true. Amazing how times have changed. And I do have people at work when I talk about planting a fruit tree or what plants I want to have in my garden look at me like I'm crazy. "Can't you just buy that stuff at the store?". Sigh. Hey, those of us that "know" will have our own victory gardens, Victory over ignorance??

kymber said...

you can definitely find a new or used one on ebay. the really excellent thing about this particular sprouter is that the company that makes it also makes all of the parts - if something breaks - it's too easy to get a replacement part. we love our sprouter!

your friend,