Sunday, May 6, 2012


Victory Vitamin C image courtesy of: Florida Historical Society
Here is a double feature for today.  I thought these posters were pretty neat.  During WWII, they not only urged people to grow their own food, and can their own veggies, they also pushed locally grown (and US grown) fruits and veggies.

In this case, the push was for the nutritional and health benefits of Florida grapefruit juice by showing, healthy, in shape soldiers, presumably to persuade others to buy Florida grapefruit juice and get just as healthy.

Cool to see the push from the farmers and growers. Perhaps an early version of the "Got Milk" or similar ad campaigns that we see today.  I guess Vitamin C does a body good, ha. 


John Gray said...

beefcakes raised a smile over here in wales!

1st Man said...

That's what I hoped for! Enjoy your time away with friends.

diana v said...

Great posters, those are very neat. And I'm with John, hey, beefcake in advertising never hurts. I really enjoy all your poster "posts" (haa haa). It's neat to see a glimpse into our past.