Sunday, May 27, 2012


War Garden General, Image courtesy of: Historical Society National Archives

As I'm on the road traveling this weekend, I'll keep my commentary short on this one.  This is from WW1, during the "War Garden" campaign.

This started as a cartoon and was turned into a poster.  I think everyone can related to being a "General" in the garden, getting the "troops" in line.  Although the potato scares me just a bit, LOL, I do love the "enemy plotters" lurking in the background.

Enjoy and as always, you can click on the "History" tag below or to the right and see all the vintage poster postings I've done.  

Thank you, and hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. What really strikes me every time I read these posters is the "patriotism"--you were just expected to do your part and that's that! Now, everyone is so lazy/wasteful/bad attitude/woe is me, I don't think calls to do your par would get much of a reaction anymore. We used to have stome pride. Wow, how times change.

  2. Potato?! Did you see that axe murderer all the way at the end of the row? Now that is scary.:)


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