Friday, January 3, 2014


Brisbane and Hobart
This is Brisbane, cuddling up next to Hobart.

It warms our hearts because Brisbane has been seemingly down since we lost Sydney.  Brisbane came to us as a tiny bottle fed baby and Sydney was his only 'cat frame of reference'.  They became inseparable.

With his bond with Sydney, he never really had much to do with Hobart when he came into the family.  But now, they are starting to warm up to each other.  They have spent the last few days sleeping next to each other.  It started out just laying 'nearby' and then progressed to actual physical contact!

Still, we all miss Sydney.  There is a different feeling in the house.  Sydney was the patriarch of the house and we definitely feel his absence.

We both wanted to say, from the bottom of our hearts, how much your kind words meant to us when we lost him.  I haven't gotten around to replying to them all yet because, well, it makes us sad to read them but I will thank you all in replies soon.  But consider this a great big thank you as well.

You all are so kind and so awesome.
We're proud to 'know' you all, it means so much.


  1. Aww, that is lovely. There is something heartwarming about cats (or any animals) showing affection to each other. It's nice they have each other. Dan X

  2. And what a BEAUTIFUL thick, black, glossy coat Hobart (is it?) has,

  3. It's good that Brisbane has Hobart. I worry about my Otto if anything should happen to his sister, Annie. She's been ill this past week, and when she doesn't eat Otto won't touch his food. His life seems so dependant on her. Our pets are such creatures of habit, and their bonds run so deep.

  4. Grief affects most living things, some in profound ways. Just like love! It's good to find the path to healing.

  5. So glad Brisbane and Hobart have each other to console and now, bond together. When, my goldie, Callie passed over the Rainbow Bridge, Sparky was a lost cat. I didn't realize how much she missed Callie until about 3 months later. She became sick and the vet stated it was from stressors over the loss of Callie. After appropriate treatment and lots of TLC, she is fine today. But, animals hide their weaknesses and we didn't see it. Give them ear rubs from me.

  6. Being a new visitor to your wonderful blog and having only whizzed around quickly at this first visit, you must tell me the story as to why the cats have Australian city names, I'm most curious!
    Wonderful blog by the way - when will you move permanently to the farm?

    1. Hello!!! And welcome!!!!

      The names...well, I've always been in love with Australia, though I've never been. Just feel some connection for some reason and it's on my bucket list of vacation destinations. So when I got the first cat, I immediately thought Sydney would be a cool name. I liked the name and it reminded me of where I want to someday go. So then when the second one came along, we thought it would be neat to keep the Australia theme going. So we looked at a list of cities and "Brisbane" was christened, lol. Then when the third one came around, we at first thought he was a "she" and it was going to be Adelaide. But when she became a he, we looked at a list again and narrowed it to either Melbourne or Hobart. He didn't seem like a "Mel" but definitely seemed like a Hobart.

      So that's the story!! When we have cats, someday, at the farm, we'll probably come up with a new naming theme but we sure do love our three Australian named kitties.

      And someday, I'll get down that way and satisfy my fascination with your wonderful country. :-)


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