Sunday, January 26, 2014


Vintage mice can eat bread poster, image courtesy of Imperial War Museum
Here is an interesting poster.

It dates from WWII as well, via Great Britain.  The purpose of this one was to remind people to be conscious of conservation.  In this case, by reminding them to protect their valuable bread, because "two mice can eat half a loaf in a month".  I think at the farm, one mouse could eat an entire loaf, ha. 

I think this one is unusual because it's so minimalist.

Speaking of mice, ha, today is when we're at the farm and I'm building some more of the raised beds.  There are eight more going in and yesterday I bought the wood for four of them.  Next weekend, I'll get the wood for the last four.

More later this afternoon/evening when we get back. 


Quinn said...

Hahaha! I thought the same thing you did!
They must have had massive loaves or tiny mice. Or else those mice just weren't doing their best!

1st Man said...

Maybe mice were less hardy back then, ha.