Saturday, January 11, 2014


How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...LOL!

I spent about 3 hours in Home Depot today, roaming around and planning things, and of course purchasing things for the farm.  My goal was to start getting some of the wood for the rest of the raised beds.  I've been planning the garden area, and have a list of things to get.  Of course, they were out of the wood that I needed (must be others getting ready too) so I decided to roam around for awhile.  Big mistake, ha.

We are lucky, the store near our house in town is one of largest in Texas, in fact I think it might be one of the largest in the country.

I could roam around in there for hours (is it a guy thing?).  And I did.
I just went up and down the aisles looking at stuff and planning (and of course tossing things in the cart).  I love looking at something and thinking about how we might could use it.  Or having an end project in mind and figuring out how to get there.  I started in the lumber section, worked my way to the garden center and saw pretty much everything in between.  It reminded me of things we still have to do at the farm, so I created a list of even more future projects. 

So tomorrow (or today if you are reading this Sunday), we at the farm, 2nd Man will be cleaning and I'll be starting on the outside projects.

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Home Depot
*This is not a paid endorsement for Home Depot, it's just one of my favorite stores and since I spent most of the afternoon there, I thought I'd share.

And in all fairness, I DO love Lowe's as well!  I just ran out of money before I made it there, LOL!


  1. Not just a guy thing, lol! I spend so much time in our Lowes and Home Depot Store they know me by name.

  2. I second Tonya's comments. It's about the only place I window shop. Simply love it!

  3. In UK we have B and Q which is the same sort of thing. I can spend hours in there and I hate shopping usually. But wandering up and down aisles planning is the best. I spent more time in there than at home when I was doing my bathroom. Hope you have a good day at the farm.

  4. Love the place an so what did you buy?

  5. No, it is not just a girl thing! I only have a Lowe's near me, so that is where I roam. But, I start at the garden center, go down to lumber and swing back through the garden center. When I have more time than money, I search for what I need and ask questions, making note of prices. Then, when I am ready for the item, I know exactly where to find what I want. Of course, one small purchase is the result of basking in hardware for hours.

  6. Now you know how I feel at Williams Sonoma!


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