Friday, January 30, 2015


Back of couch sleeping 
Sometimes we wonder, do cats just roam around until they can't hold their eyes open any longer and then just go to sleep wherever they happen to be?  

Sometimes they can find the most interesting places.  This is Hobart sleeping on the back of a small couch we used to have.  It was a pretty steep incline...and not very comfortable, which is why we got rid of it, but I digress.  Somehow though, he made it work.  I think he might be cheating though, the other front leg is hooked in with claws on the back side, ha.  

More later this afternoon!


  1. Replies
    1. He definitely likes to hang around! And around. And around.

  2. Ours often find the most inconvenient place for their nap attacks. On the newspaper when we are reading it...
    Hobart is a sweetie though. I have a HUGE weakness for black cats.

    1. Oh aren't they good at that? Magazines, newspapers, books, laptops, ha.

      Hobart is our first ever all black cat (Sydney was a Tuxedo, black and white). He's a sweetie!


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