Thursday, June 18, 2015


Flowers around fencing, image source
This is not unlike our fencing at the farm around the garden.  We actually saved this picture a few years back (before we had a garden fence) and I was looking through an old thumb drive and found it.  Now that I see it again, this is actually very close to what we pictured in our heads when it comes to going around the garden fence.  I'm actually going to have the landscape timbers to keep it somewhat tame around the front but otherwise, this is very doable.  

Maybe a few more flowers and some bulbs to pop up on occasion but otherwise, we can do this...if it will ever stop raining of course, LOL.

Be inspired!


  1. Rain today. We were beginning to get dry.

    Beautiful inspiration.

  2. Lovely Inspiration.
    Flowers along a fence line is so pretty. It breaks up the boredom of having just a bare fence.
    Have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend

  3. I like climbers over a fence too. Climbing roses for example. Possibly not good when the fences are wooden though. Too much growth over them can break or rot them.

  4. I just love looking at gardens with no weeds! It doesn't matter what you do, those damn things always find a way to make an appearance. On an up side, once your rain does stop, your ground will be super soft to dig up and your weeds will just slither out!!

  5. I like this look for the fence area by your garden. It shows a mix of perennials, bulbs, and herbs with some annuals which would look great. And all heavily mulched to keep down the weeds.


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