Monday, June 8, 2015


Not as much zen as it was hard work, ha.  My normal mowing time is about 2 hours for all of it...Saturday it was a little over 5 hours.  I went through two tanks of gas.  I just had to go so slowly, and even though we have the largest mowing deck, I could only go back and forth about a foot wide at a time.  

Half mowed
It was SO much to mow.  I took the discharge chute off the zen machine so that it would just shoot straight out and we have the extra blade on the mower that chops up the grass pretty finely, but still, at times it was just so thick, it would get clogged up.  It was about 4 weeks of no mowing. 

When it was done though, it looked good.  Yep, I cut it pretty short, just needed a head start on the growing season.  I also left the clippings where they lay, they will add nutrients back into the ground, and it was too much to rake. 
But hey, at least it was all dry!!

Edging before
Saturday was mowing, and since it took up most of the day, Sunday was edging.  I love to edge because it's a big bang for your buck.  Here is what it looked like around the large barn before I edged...

Edging after
...and here it is after.  Almost like the day it was built.  It looks so nice...for a few days anyway, ha.  Looking at this picture reminds me that one of my upcoming projects (that's not on the list) is to make ramps for the large doors on each barn so we can roll things in and out easily.  And some steps on the side door (might buy the prefab ones for that).

Cattle grazing on the fence line
And lastly, we love this I mowed along the fence line, the neighbor's cattle realized that a free, good meal was just on the other side of the fence!  I would mow so the grass blew their direction and they were happy cows!  

I might just get them trained to follow me along the fence, ha. 


  1. It looks great - it's very satisfying to mow and weed eat. Pity you couldn't collect the grass as you cut it and emptied the clippings over the fence... I'm sure those cows would've enjoy "take away" :)

    1. P.S. You might find that easier on your pence too - our neighbours cows always break the "droppers" (the small wooden supports between the main ones) when the cows "force" themselves as far through the fence as they can in their effort to eat the (greener) grass on the other side of the fence.

  2. that was a lot of work! i am hoping for storms here today. i am sick of watering already!

  3. 1st,
    Loving the picture of the “Bovine Buffet”… - G

  4. We were right with ya..mowed mowed mowed and couldnt cut the full width of our deck either. We actually cut ours kinda tall and even with that could only make part of the width of deck in each pass. But it did look nice when done!

    By the way I hope if you ordered those orange daylilies from that company I suggested yours came in good. My friend ordered some and hers were horrible when they came in! I said great I suggested that company to someone else :O(. Stuff is always small from them and most all mail order companies when you get it, but hers were literally nearly rotten she said... Of course she will be sending in her receipt for free replacements. But thats not the point ... sighhhh

  5. I know how much you love your Zen Machine but until you move out to the farm full time maybe you should look into a farm tractor with a mowing attachment :)

  6. A huge job - but it does look better for all that effort.

  7. Always a good job done once the mowing and weed wacking is finished.
    We never rake up our grass clippings. Not only does it add nutrients like your said but also protects the yard from the Texas heat; kinda like mulch would. Yet, many people rake up or have mowing bag and use the clippings and put in compost bin for it to decompose.
    Love the pictures of your neighbors cows. Like they say; 'the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.' They sure are enjoying themselves and what a wonderful feast they are having.
    Just wait, once the cows hear you start up the mower, they will come running to the fence line.

  8. When our grass gets tall like that we run over it with the mower on high and then do another run with it lower. It probably works out to be about the same in time but you are moving faster and the machine doesn't get clogged as much. As for the cows, I have been told that the grass is sweeter when shorter and there are more nutrients nearer the roots.

  9. I’d like to invite you to link your barn photos at
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Beautiful barn photos. I love seeing old barns as well as taking photos. There's just something about seeing old barns; as well as the new more modern ones in the country side.
      Thanks for sharing the link

  10. You sure did make those cows day! :)


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