Friday, June 26, 2015


I guess we have something new to add to the list of things to do at the farm...

Thank you to the United States Supreme Court!

Quite simply,
it's about love...


  1. Faith, Hope and Love. And the greatest of these is love. Love wins!

  2. teehee. when it became legal in canada, i was very touched. it is now so normal in canada that a lot of canadians have forgotten what a REALLY big deal it is. isn't it awesome that talking about marriage between any two people in love is now kind of boring in canada and like "so yesterday" - bahahahah!

    i am thrilled for you both, and all americans, and i know what a REALLY big deal it is for all americans. and i look forward to when any two people in love getting married in america is a boring/normal topic. i congratulate you and 2nd Man - you have been together so long in a loving, committed relationship and THAT is what love and marriage are really about!

    i thought of you guys all day. didn't want to send an email or come to the blog slobbering. i wanted to wait and see if it was something that you would mention or not. but we thought of you both all day. maybe even did a couple of nekkid dances for you out in the garden!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  3. It's been a big week for SCOTUS - healthcare and heartcare!

  4. About freakin' time.

  5. I am thrilled beyond belief at this long awaited and long overdue decision.

    Congratulations to everyone that will finally enjoy this most basic of human rights; and congratulations to the SCOTUS for making to possibility of many dreams finally come true.


  6. Replies
    1. wedding? ;) You already have barnabas the party tree Imagine how festive he would be decked out for the farm wedding reception. So when the wedding happens, I expect streaming video so we ALL can be there--even if it is virtual,hehe

    2. Tonya took the words right from my mouth!! Wedding & reception under the magnificently decorated Barnabas!! Using all the best of the cool ideas you've collected.

  7. I love your image. Thank God and God bless the court.


  8. A great day for all people. How can anyone oppose love? The biggest benefits of a legal marriage is the tax status, health benefits, and social security. Then there is the whole spiritual side of things. Why have people been so against the notion of same sex marriage to begin with? I don't understand that.
    I guess my next big question is, will anyone do a study to determine the divorce rate of same sex unions in say oh, ten years from now?
    Be careful what you wish for...til death do you part is a very long time sometimes. LOL!
    Personally, I'm very happy for my gay friends who have waited so long to have the same rights that my husband and I enjoy!

  9. How absolutely wonderful.
    I hope my own recalcitrant Guvermint realises it needs to be done. Soon. Yesterday would be good.

  10. So so happy for you both and all my friends in other parts the country. To me, it should not matter what party you belong to or who you support, it's just love. I saw a couple in Dallas that got married, they are in their EIGHTIES and have been together for more than FIFTY years?!?! Watching them get married and their sweet little kiss brought tears to my eyes. Who is against THAT? I just don't understand.

    More power to you, and much love!


  11. So glad the decision is done. :-) Have a great weekend you two. I'll celebrate this and my bday the 27th. As my German mom would say "Brost!!" As in a big toast and a polka around the dance floor. Take care. M

  12. 1st Man,

    Smiling back at you and 2nd Man!

  13. I hope we are getting invited, look forward to hearing about your future nuptials :-)

  14. the truth for sure,,nothing stands in the way of love, its about time,

  15. Yes what a monumental week! I hope you'll post lots of photos of your wedding day!

  16. Something wonderful for you both to look forward to

  17. I was surprised to see on the map that my beloved state of TX still banned gay marriage. Even in OK we had legalized it. Thank the Supreme Court for their foresight. I was moved by the justice that wrote that the family and institution should be the same for all and their children no longer have to face a stigma that their families were somehow lesser.


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