Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Here are the photos we captured yesterday.  

No, they don't come close to the breathtaking pictures from the areas that had totality, but it's fun to share what we had here in this spot in Texas.

Houston Eclipse 2017
2nd Man took this picture from his work.

They used binoculars (that's why there are two), holding them up toward the sky and letting the sunlight come through onto the ground below.

Sort of like the cardboard box pinhole method.  

Houston Eclipse
Then I did this at my office. I snapped a few pictures by sticking my phone out over the railing, face up, and putting it in selfie mode.  I snapped the pictures then came back in to look at them.  The sun was pretty in all of them but then I noticed the little white spot in all the photos...

...and zoomed in.

Turns out my phone ended up reflecting the sun/moon eclipse onto the ceiling of the walkway and I sort of got a reverse version of the pinhole effect. 
Pretty cool!

Houston had 66.7% of the sun blocked out.  It was like an overcast day but the shadows were in the wrong places.  That part was very eerie.  For example, I walked out to the sidewalk that is always in sunshine and it was in the shade. Then just looking around, things seemed "different". Amazing how we get used to things we don't realize we've paid attention to and recorded to memory. I can't even fathom how people reacted hundreds or thousands of years ago when these celestial events occurred. 

Very neat to witness indeed...  

So this ends the 2017 Eclipse-mania around the country and now we prepare for...

Eclipse-mania 2024!

This time it moves across Texas, not far from the farm!  We may just have to make the short drive when it happens and experience totality.  
God willing all is still good in 7 years! 

I'll leave you with this quote we saw online...

Eclipse 2017 is a great reminder that all darkness is only temporary...


  1. Things just got a little dim here. We, my parents, my ten year old and I watched it through my dad's welding helmet. It was a little erie that it was darker in the middle of the day. Glad you both got to see it.

  2. What a great quote! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  3. Hey, that next one's going to be on our anniversary. I guess I better start planning now!

  4. We won't be in the line of totality in 2024, either. It was very cloudy here. During the eclipse, it got a little darker, and that was it.


  5. it was very exciting! i am already stoked for the next one! great pics!

  6. I drove to Nashville for totality, drove up and back the same day. Spectacular! I will probably be going to Hot springs, AR for the 2024 eclipse. I will drive to Memphis and then on to whatever city around that area. I will have a complete report on the trip tomorrow, maybe tonight.

    The picture with the double is quite artsy looking. Love it.

  7. I love that quote, it helps me get through the dark days I believe are coming. Sorry to be negative, just so much craziness going on in the world and our nation, I'm not sure where we are heading. Wonderful pics, I love seeing all sorts of photos from everywhere . Very neat Janie V.

  8. You and 2nd Man got some cool pictures of the eclipse! Some interesting effects on them.
    I love the quote.

  9. Glad to hear you had clear skies. I love all the eclipse shots. Mine is on my blog header! We were blessed with 100% and it was touch and go while the clouds passed overhead. They broke just in time and it was truly amazing. Looks like we won't get much for 2024 though. :)


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