Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Yesterday was still so bad with rain, the boss told us to stay home and not risk it.

They are still letting water out of reservoirs to prevent collapse but they now say they will flow over the top and flood even more homes.

Thousands more people still trapped and are being rescued into the darkness of night.

We had another 8"-12" of rain across the town.

A small sinkhole opened in a parking lot near the apartment.

The power went out for a bit (the first time).

There was an explosion at a building downtown 
(gas leak).

And, sadly, there is now a voluntary evacuation within a mile of the farm. 2nd Family has decided to stay, as the property is the highest in the area.

We're nervous about that.

Volunteering is rewarding but tiring...and government bureaucracy is a nightmare.

It was a long day.  

We feel like we're in a doomsday documentary.

Much needed sleep came early.

And today is back to work for me.


  1. I think Katrina is small stuff compared to Houston. It will take a long time. So good of you to help where you can. I saw a shot of Bellaire under water. I got stuck in a flash flood on Braeswood when the bayou filled up in a hard rain. OK is sending mobile kitchens that can feed thousands and red cross and water rescue teams. It seems they can only get to Corpus right now. Those pictures of floating fire ants is chilling. I've gotten into those before. Hope someone has a can of Raid. Hoping the calvary can arrive soon. Until then, still people helping people.

  2. Thinking of you every time I see Houston on the news. I have no words except to say I am praying.

  3. It's going to take a long time I think before many residents can get back to work and then if there is still a work place to go back to.
    So much cleaning up will have to be done; schools, churches, businesses, etc. that will be need to be repaired or rebuilt. Will take many days, weeks, months before healing begins for some.
    Folks, if you want to get a mental vision of just how much water is down Houston way; our local weatherman mentioned Sunday that with all the water that has fallen that it would fill up 14 Million Olympic size Swimming Pools and that was Sunday and they have gotten much more since then.
    Just think of that; 14 Million Olympic pools it would fill.

  4. (Oh, hurray! I can finally post a comment!)
    I am thinking of you and the farm family - and everyone in the Houston area. This is such a disaster! I cannot imagine so much rain. Stay safe, and thanks for keeping in touch with us.

  5. Thanks for keeping those of us far away updated. I see the few pictures that appear on the news sites and just wonder about all the people.

  6. The scenes of devastation on TV are awful - it’s one thing after another - so heartbreaking. Glad that you and 2nd Man are still safe. But now your Farm and 2nd Family are under threat.
    After many long, stressful days and nights, it’s going to be a very long day at work for you considering your line of work. Take care, my friend.

  7. 1st Man,

    My husband and I are very pleased to hear you and 2nd Man are okay and safe. Stay safe, dry, and try to get some sleep.

  8. Thank you so much for the update.
    Stay safe.

  9. I do know that if anything wet ever comes my way, I will evacuate. I was telling exbf that getting a moving van of any size, even a suv-sized one would be my first response, packing it with what I could and leaving. I am so sad about those people losing their pictures. My heart breaks for them. So much of Houston is destroyed that I cannot imagine how long it will take to recover.

    Your place is so far away! The destruction is evidently very widespread!

  10. I am so sorry for what is happening to your beautiful city and state. We are praying for you all.

  11. I'm grateful for your updates. I watched MSNBC for a while and saw the many volunteers out with their own boats, saving hundreds of people. I was glad to see dogs and cats being rescued, too. During Hurricane Katrina, one reason that people wouldn't evacuate was because they couldn't take their pets with them. I know I wouldn't leave Franklin and Penelope.


  12. I cannot imagine what you are going through, and I do appreciate that you have taken the time to write on your blog. It has to be a disheartening and scary time. My thoughts are with the two of you, both there in Houston and in your concern about your farmhouse. Take care.

  13. Thinking of you both, and all those affected by this disaster. May it pass soon.

  14. Adding to what others said so well...praying for you and all others in affected areas. My heart breaks for you. Thank you for keeping us posted.

  15. Please be careful out there, your safety and 2nd man's safety comes before work or volunteering. Thank you for keeping the blog updated so we know your family and 2nd family are OK.

  16. As many have said, it is worth repeating. Stay safe, we are thinking of you and thank you for the updates. I hope this nightmare soon ends. You and your fellow Texans are in my thoughts. (hugs)

  17. Thoughts and prayers are with you, 2nd man, and 2nd family. Be strong! Hugs

  18. i am just glad that you both (and the cats) are safe)! and i am glad that you are volunteering and helping others. i am just reading snippets on the internet because it feels, and sounds, and reads as bad as katrina and that had me in near tears every day. i feel so bad for people who are losing everything due to this storm...and there isn't much i can do from up here except donate. i hope that you and 2nd Man don't get too anxious about what is happening...but then i think - how can you not? please take care of each other and give yourselves time to ~just breathe~. i know how hard this must be being in the middle of it all - but please be gentle with each other and everyone you encounter. and be safe.

    and if need be - drive all the way up here and we'll set you up in the vandura until everything goes back to normal. sending love to you both, as always! your friend,


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