Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Baking area taking shape
2nd Man's favorite way to relax is to bake.  Bread and cakes mostly, but he'll try just about anything.  Cooking in general is his go to hobby.  So of course, the first thing he wanted out there was his Kitchenaid mixer...and of course we had to figure out where to put it.  You may wonder "well what about a Kitchenaid mixer in the city?"  That was his early Christmas present, a new one, so that this one could go out there, but more on that in another post.

Sadly, the open shelves we had put in during the remodel, were just a bit too low for the mixer to slide under.  Sigh.  They were built to be even with the top of the window, which is good and probably looks best, but now we wished we had thought about this first.  Oh well, he made the best of it by saying that at least he won't have to pull it out to use it, it's just right there, ready to go.  I guess we have to see the bright side of things right?  So this area is where he is going to start putting all of his most used baking stuff in the kitchen.  We have a similar area at home now, all the beaters and whisks and attachments and sifters and all the things like that, together in one spot.

All I know is this is all making it start to look more like home, and that's ultimately all that matters...


  1. Baking room is a must. I keep my kitchen aid on a baker's rack so it's out of the way, but in easy reach. In fact, I've just finished making some cut out cookies. :)


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