Friday, December 2, 2011


Entryway Canning Jar Vase
Just this morning, I was mentioning that I'll soon need to start decorating the front porch to give it a bit more character.  As I was Googling for front porch decorating suggestions, I found this picture.  Yet another great idea for using those ubiquitous canning jars.  In this case, it's a large "Ball Jar" that someone mounted to their front entryway wall, and filled it with flowers and a cute ribbon.  Love it!

I think this is a great idea and might just be the first thing I put up on the porch.  Now I just need to find one of those large size jars.



  1. sb158 - Thanks for the link. I think I actually found that photo randomly online once and didn't know who to give credit to. I'll have to make sure I change that. Some great stuff on the site too, thanks for sharing!


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