Friday, December 2, 2011


House at Night
When we were at the farm the other night, we realized it was the first time we were there at night since the major work had been done.  First thing, it's amazing how dark the country is at night.  And it's more amazing how different your house looks at night.  The next thing we realized when we drove up was "oops, it's so dark we can't see the front door!"  We had to use the car headlights pointed toward the house to see to get up the stairs.  We have a motion sensing light on the side of the house (and at the back) but I hadn't put the bulbs in yet because I want to make sure they go on and off before leaving the bulbs in (so they don't stay on all night when we're not there).

Porch at Night
Here is the new porch (well, new porch stairs and railing) and of course the new porch lights.  They really put out a lot of light.  So much so, that I felt like we were lighting up a stage for a production of 'down home country theater', ha.  I realized that I will need to add to the "TO DO" list.  Dimmer switches for the porch lights.  Something like this below:

Dimmer Switch
Should be easy and make for a nice way to control ambiance on the porch, bright for plays, dimmer for rocker relaxing.

As you can see however, the porch still needs it's makeover.  Until we have the stairs and railings painted, there isn't much we can do out there.  I do need to get all those paint cans into storage in the outside shed, just because they look too junky sitting there.  I'm thinking a rug or two and some furniture, hanging plants and potted plants, an American flag of course, and we'll be good to go.  We definitely need some curb appeal up there on the porch.
Although we're so far from the road, I don't know whose curb we're worried about appealing to!

We were kind of hoping for some stargazing as well, but alas, it was overcast that night.  It's OK though, we can save that for our first dinner out there.

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