Saturday, December 31, 2011


Image courtesy of the now out of print "Cottage Living Magazine"
This is a picture from my collection of decorating ideas that I found as I was cleaning out some stuff.  Pretty neat idea/use for an old coat rack type hanger.  I'm still planning for the Julia Child style pegboard wall I blogged about HERE of course, but I could see us finding a place for something like this as well.

Just one of my random finds that I saved for future inspiration and I thought I'd share with others.


  1. i was wondering if you had ever done the pegboard. This is cool too. If 2nd Man has as much kitchen stuff as I do, you can probably use both. Go for the pegboard. One of the easiest and most useful home projects I've ever done.

  2. Susancyclist - Thanks for visiting and thanks for remembering that part of the project. I was just at Home Depot the other day pricing (and measuring) the pegboard sheets. I hope to get that done in the next month or so. And yes, he has a ton of tools and pans and stuff I don't even know what they are, lol. Is yours on your blog? I'll have to check! I always love seeing inspiration!

  3. I just took some pics and added them to the flickr account which is connected to my blog. Just scroll down and click on more pictures. Check out the little pegboard hardware kits. Note my little baskets and the little shelf. The magnetic strip at the top of the left one came from lowes and is made for tools rather than knives. Thus it has much stronger magnets. HTH,

  4. Susancyclist - OMG, you are so awesome for posting those pics. Thank you! I showed 2nd Man and he said, and I quote "THAT'S WHAT I WANT!!!", ha. I now have high expectations to live up to! LOL! Thanks. He's also jealous of that cool concentric size double boiler thing you have, ha.

    Thanks again!! I'll keep you (and everyone) posted!

  5. You are very welcome. The double boiler was gotten, not long ago, at a store that I think is called "Kitchen Collection" which is a chain usually at outlet malls.


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