Friday, December 30, 2011


With New Years right around the corner, it's time for resolutions, and most of the time, getting in shape applies for a lot of us (us included).  I saw this online while looking for some info on getting in shape and it made me laugh.

I figured with this weekend being New Year's Day, it was perfect timing.



  1. That reminds me not to make a resolution about exercise this year. I don't think T-rex will be there to help me!

  2. HA! Yep...that's about what I need to get me motivated...a big fat dino chasing after my big fat ass! ;-)

  3. I won't tell a lie! Exercise in not my friend..I get enough exercise when I work in the garden and pick those greens and clean those greens and put those greens in a jar or the freezer..I'm moving enough for me :o)

  4. Jody, Robin, Bee Girl, Ginny - You all crack me up! Oh so true to all of those comments. I think if i had to worry about a T Rex chasing me, I'd be doomed. Maybe we should pretend our gardens are dinosaurs kicking our butts?


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