Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We had our first Winter Weather Advisory of the season yesterday and it continues today and tonight.  We got down into the upper 20's last night, and it didn't get above freezing until mid morning.

I'm sure many of you in snow covered parts of the country laugh, as you've had snow for a few weeks already (or even longer for others).  But for us, it is our first fairly hard freeze and to me, it signals the end of plant growing season and that always makes me sad.  I don't mind the lack of grass to mow, and weeds to pull, and stuff to edge, it's a nice break from all that.  This time next year, we should will have our garden beds done and there are some crops that do just fine in Winter weather, as I'm sure many of you know.  At least that will extend my gardening time by just a bit.. 

Fortunately, we are blessed with a winter that very rarely has snow. We do get it on occasion, but when we do, it's an inch maybe, and of course causes the whole city to come to a standstill.  We do, however, have freezing temperatures frequently.  Last Winter we reached the teens several times, and the 20's a lot of times as well.  That's when we have to worry about pipes freezing, and protecting the sensitive plants.
Tree in Spring and Tree in Winter
But still, I will miss seeing flowers and green plants and other colors.  What is currently green will soon move to brown, and trees will begin to lose the rest of their leaves.  It's a good time to stay inside and plan for Spring.

More on that in a post Friday...

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  1. Uhhhh.... it was 14 when I came home from work tonight.... :(


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