Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Bowls on top of the cabinet
In addition to a lot of BOOKS, we also have a lot of large mixing bowls.  Whenever we see some vintage ones at a tag sale, or online, or a unique set at a retail store, we just can't resist getting them.  We've tapered off the last couple of years, but we still have a surplus of bowls.  Little did we know that we'd need them for the farm!  So here are some vintage bowls on top of the cabinet on one side...

More bowls on top of the other cabinet
...and here are some nice white "hobnail" type bowls we found once upon a time on top of the other cabinet.  I've promised 2nd Man a shelf that connects the two upper cabinets (over the sink window) so that he can have them lined up from side to side.  That will be an upcoming project.

Bowls in the hutch
...and here are yet more in the yellow Nadeau hutch/buffet that we recently purchased.  The green set is a vintage bowl in a beehive pattern, and the dark yellow is a great set of bowls that are new, I can't remember the maker, but the are called "farmhouse mixing bowls", which now, of course, seems so appropriate for our house.

We have A LOT more that will be making an appearance somewhere down the line, after I build the shelf over the sink...and we also now have a new rule,

*unless they are really cool, ha ha.


  1. I guess having one of those bowls (one with blue stripe on the right) really dates me :o) I love working with it..makes me feel "country" :o) I've had it before my kids were teens, now they are getting into Senior territory:o).

  2. Ginny - Didn't mean to call you "vintage", LOL! Actually those striped bowls are some of our faves, they have such character and just look neat.

  3. You have a great collection. And now that you said no more bowls, there are going to be some wonderful finds in the future!
    Don't resist--there's always room for just one more............

  4. Sue - I kind of thought I might jinx us by saying no more bowls...now they will appear out of nowhere, LOL! You're right though, I suppose there is always room for "just one more".


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