Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Those of you that are regular readers might remember this open pantry when I blogged about it HERE and HERE.

Now we're using it for the storage of misc stuff we are bringing out there.  We can't figure out what to use this space for.  I fear if we aren't careful, it will become what I didn't want it to become, a sort of "catch all" for the stuff we can't find a home for elsewhere.  I lean toward a place to put all the big appliances like toaster, blender, food processor (which is already there) and just stuff like that.  Still not sure what it will become when it grows up, but we'll figure it out and I'll gladly take your suggestions.  If it does end up as a junk closet, I guess I'll just hang a curtain over the opening and pretend it's not there!


  1. Since you don't have a lot of storage space in the kitchen. I would use it for items and appliances that will be used on a regular basis. I don't want to see a curtain go up!!

  2. I second Robin's motion..I've used up all my counter space for lack of room for appliances that I use often..My kitchen is too small for my needs, but I make it long as I have a work L, I manage.

  3. I third that idea! I would love to have some open shelves near my kitchen for small appliances, rather than have them taking up counter space. Maybe 2nd Man's new mixer would sit on one of those shelves if he wants it off the counter.

  4. Robin, Ginny, Granny - OK OK, I promise, no junk closet, ha. I think an appliance garage of sorts will be good. It won't be a secret, i'll share it as it happens, that was always the purpose of this blog, ha. We are finding there isn't as much counter space as we "imagined" when we were planning...isn't that always the case, lol??


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