Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We finally got all of the bookcases out to the farm.  Without a "farm truck", we had to use 2nd Man's car but fortunately, it's a large Jeep and the bookcases fit perfectly...ONE AT A TIME, LOL. So three trips later, we got these out there and in place.  The chairs are temporary, it's where they ended up as they are the only places we have to sit out there currently.

Can't wait to fill these up with books, which are still slowly being gone through.  Hope to start carrying out loads of them this coming weekend.  I was slightly disappointed though because at the house now, they were all on one wall in a row and fit perfectly, but in this configuration, they don't quite meet up, creating a bit of a gap in the corner.  Oh well, they still look great and are exactly what we wanted for the living room.


  1. LOOKS awesome! Can't wait to watch it develop

  2. Maybe you can get some filler wood stained to match and no-one would be the wiser?

  3. That's a small problem, during your day dreaming you'll come up with somethng to fix that spot, just give it time.

  4. Ginny - You are so right. I get in a hurry every once in awhile and someone needs to remind me to slow down. We have literally years to make this place our own.


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