Friday, January 20, 2012


Reynolds Pan Lining Paper
Have you seen this new stuff?  We love it!  I recently blogged HERE about how we used foil and parchment to do this very same thing.  We saw this recently and thought it was pretty smart of Reynolds to combine the two. 

The purpose of this new product is to give you two sides.  The foil side that lets you "shape" it to the pan/dish you are using and remove it easily, and the parchment side that gives you non stick, and added strength to make it scoopable without tearing.  Best of all, when you're done, you just pull it out, throw it away and you should be left with a clean dish/pan.  Even if some leaked out, cleanup should be a lot easier because most has been contained.

If we had a negative about it, I would say it's the size...we wished it was just a bit wider.  Seems most of our baking sheets are a bit larger and this needs to be a couple inches bigger to fit most anything you would have in your kitchen.  But for casserole dishes, lasagna pans, average size cookie sheets, etc, it's awesome.  I'm not sold on it working for all types of baking though.  I can see it perhaps curing up on the edges, if you had a larger baking sheet.  I think this is best used for "messy" dishes, such as casseroles, to make for easy cleanup.

We still keep a roll of parchment on hand, and a roll of heavy strength foil, but this has certainly found a new space in our pantry and we'll use it often.  We'll keep you posted if anything changes or we find a new use for it.  It will be an experiment in progress.

Try it, you just might like it!


  1. Has 2nd man used this for baking cookies at all? I ALWAYS use parchment when I bake because I also bake gluten free for friends and parchment ensures that my pans are free from gluten products. I'd love to hear how he likes it. I may pick up a roll today. Thanks!!!

    BTW - It was -10 here last night. As in 10 BELOW zero!!!! And we got a few inches of snow. Times like this I really miss Houston!!

    1. Sorry for late reply, it scrolled down to where I didn't see it. Yes, he always uses parchment (or his Silpat). Now he hasn't used this for cookies yet, to see if the foil changes anything. I think the foil is more for shaping the parchment to the pan, since it makes it more flexible. If you try it, let us all know!

      10? TEN? Below? MINUS? ZERO?


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