Sunday, January 8, 2012


Victory Garden Poster
This poster is kind of fun.  I believe it dates from WWI, and there was even something called the "National War Garden Commission".  You gotta love a government agency with that title.

And what's not to like about marching alongside potatoes, carrots, beets (or are those radishes) and pumpkins?  I'm not sure, but I think this came after the end of the war, to celebrate victory.  It's a cute poster.

Remember, for those of you new to this feature, click on the the "history" label below (or to the right) and you can see all the posters I've found online so far.



  1. becky - Thanks! I really like finding these online. I usually spend a few hours once a month scouring historical websites and other blogs and sites looking for them. Usually I find just one or two at a time (that I haven't already posted), but the other day, I found a bunch, so I'll be good for a few more months (at one a week, ha.) At some point, I might end up with the most in once place on the internet, ha.


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