Saturday, January 21, 2012


Off to the farm with the checklist for this weekend:

  1. Take loads of books and put on shelves in living room
  2. Install dimmer switches on porch lights
  3. Take glass "Wardian Case" and find home for it
  4. Stake off garden site and confirm dimensions
  5. Mow, edge and remove downed tree **
  6. Finish 'faux shaker rail' in mudroom
  7. Install extra shelves in Gorm shelving units
  8. Put together white storage boxes for mudroom
  9. Make some drawings/plans for outside landscaping areas around house
  10. Take LOTS of pictures so I can share the on the blog
I'm sure there is more we are forgetting, we're taking a full load of stuff, so part of what we'll be doing is just finding "homes" for all the little stuff we fit into whatever space we can find in the car.  It's one of those trips where whatever we can fit into whatever open space we can find, we'll do it.  It's like small carload at a time.

Let's see how much I can scratch off by the end of the weekend...

Saturday update in red


  1. That is impressive! You obviously don't have kids because if you did then the only thing crossed off on that list would be: woke up, drove to farm, and kept kids from killing themselves. I can't wait until I get a farm, but my kids are going to have to be a little more grown up! LOL

    1. Shannan - Nope no kids. But we have friends with kids and I totally hear ya. Of course a little child labor might not be such a bad thing. I sure remember my Dad making me mow and edge and trim the hedges. Of course, I hated it then, now i love it. Go figure. :-)


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