Monday, January 2, 2012


 This is a neat craft project and it's pretty simple too.  I don't have step by step pictures, because I haven't made one yet, but the instructions are pretty clear.  You simply glue a teacup to a saucer using some glue...

Lightly sand the bottom of the cup so that it will make a stronger bond to the saucer....
 E6000 Craft Adhesive (available most anywhere) would be the best type of glue to use...glue the cup to the saucer, let set, and if putting a spoon on it, repeat steps for that as well.  Let dry for 24 hours (I know, waiting is the hardest part).  Then get a 1/2" copper cap, sand the top of it and glue it to the bottom of the saucer.  This must also wait for 24 hours, and be sure to use lots of glue, it's the part of the project that needs the strongest bond. 

After the cap is good and stuck, insert a length of 1/2" copper pipe into the cap (this is what holds it on) or you can use a wooden dowel that fits the cap as was done here.  Then you simply insert the pipe into the ground or a potted plant.  Fill with water and/or birdseed and you're good to go!

As the pictures on this page show, you can do water only and just use it for the passing thirsty bird...or you can put birdseed only in the cup and leave the saucer empty for the passing hungry bird... 

Or best of all, you can put water in the cup and birdseed around the bottom edge, giving you have a combination feeder and waterer.

Whatever you do, it's a sure bet that your birds will love you for it.


  1. Oh cute. I have a few of these at home that I can use.

  2. I think these are really cute. I have some old cups and saucers that will work perfectly. When I get around to doing it, I will let post pics for all to see!

  3. These are great - they brought a big smail to my face.

  4. Liz - I like that we made you smile across the miles! They are adorable huh? I'm sure to some readers, they may have seen them before, but that's why I share these when I find them because it makes me smile and I want to share that! Thanks!


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