Sunday, January 29, 2012


Vintage Gardening Food Poster: Don't Sell Laying Hens
OK, I found an GREAT poster while surfing online for this weekend!

After my post Friday about getting the farm fresh eggs, I found this online and immediately thought, AWESOME!

Apparently, during WWII, it was wrong to sell laying hens and they put up these posters all over the place to remind people not to sell their hens.  In fact, they said it was both patriotic AND profitable to keep them!  

I love this description on the poster:

"All Spring she will be turning insects, weeds, garbage and waste into eggs for the Nation"

Too fun!  Enjoy!

As always, click on the "history" label and you can see all the ones I've posted.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'd love to have some real copies of these, but I'll settle for the images for now, ha.

  2. I found a great link for more of these vintage posters: . Enjoy!

    1. Wow, awesome link, thanks for sharing!!! I'll find a few on there for sure! Thanks again, so much.


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