Monday, January 9, 2012


In Houston anyway!

An example of what our flooding does to our freeways
This morning we awoke to major storms moving in from overnight and we've had it all today...hail, lightning, high winds, funnel clouds, possible tornadoes, and of course, MAJOR flooding of roadways.  Of course, as usually happens, it hits, it's horrible and then it goes away and the water slowly recedes.  We've gotten in excess of 5 inches of rain, some places much more than that, so that's good.  We'll take the rain, but don't really want or need all of that other nonsense.

If anyone is curious about crazy weather in another part of the world, ha, you can read an article at the Houston Chronicle website HERE.

EVENING UPDATE:  Just heard on the news that today's rainfall was our heaviest rainfall in EIGHTEEN MONTHS.  That's right, we haven't had this much rain in one day in a year and a half.  We used to get these types of heavy rains several times per year.  That's astonishing.


  1. We need to have a conversation with Mother Nature, she needs to spread that rain gently over a larger area. Here in Central CA we have not had rain since Nov. 17th and none in the forecast for the next week. The hills are still all brown 2/3 of December our overnight temps were below freezing. The grass that did sprout in Nov. froze and died.

  2. Happy rain. Hubby saw online about the funnel cloud in Texas City. Hope everyone is safe!!

  3. Tombstone - Yes, the whole SW is in such a drought....I wish we could spread water your direction too. It seems the weather is so screwed up the last few years. Fingers crossed for more of JUST the water, ha.

    Kelly - Yep, funnel cloud there and actual tornado in Sugarland, some houses with pretty major damage. Luckily, no one hurt. January! Tornadoes! Go figure!

  4. Crazy! Stay warm and dry, my friend! And, if you have the power, send some over our way!

  5. Bee Girl - I wish I could, and thanks for the well wishes.


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