Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We found a really nice stainless trashcan on sale the other day and that was something that we didn't have for the farm just yet.  It's really nice, a good size (13 gallon), and has a removable inner bin to keep things clean.

It's funny how finding a location for something so important as a trash can is not very easy in a hew home.  We tried the mudroom first.  Then we moved it around the kitchen about three more times before we found its permanent home.  This is still in the kitchen, but close enough to the guest room, the master bedroom and the living room to be a great central location.  

We also found these awesome new (new to us anyway!) trash bags made by Hefty brand.  They are made with 65% recycled plastic and we love that.
It helps us keep things "green" at the farm.
Slowly but surely, things are falling into place.

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