Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Seeds of the Month for March 2013

It's time!  Seeds of the Month from Mike the Gardener have arrived and given me a surprise in the middle of the middle of the week.

This month's seeds are:

Sorrel, "Large Leaf"
Pumpkin, "Small Sugar"
Artichoke, "Green Globe"
Pea, "Thomas Laxton"

As usual, I'll ask for comments from anyone who has grown these varieties.  As I plan the plantings, for Spring, Summer and Fall, I will look back on the blog for tips and advice that any of you have left.  I'm pretty sure the pumpkin gets sown later in the year and I don't think I've ever grown artichoke, not sure if it will even grow here.  Sorrel I've eaten a few times and of course I love peas but tried some a few years ago in town and it was a failure both times.

Thanks ahead of time!

Seeds rule!!!


  1. Better get those peas in the ground, fast!

    1. Working on it, hopefully this weekend!! :-)

  2. I have both sorel and sugar-pumpkin. Sorel will keep coming back each year and will spread so plant it where you don't want competition - it's very hardy and doesn't reqire any special food or nutrients. Pumpkins are small but wonderfully sweet for pies!

    not sure about this particular pea variety, but if you do plant - don't put it anywhere where you have a lot of nitrogen (manure) because peas and beans produce their own and too much of it will stop it from growing.

    1. Thank you (as always) for your great advice. I didn't know that about Sorel. I might have to find a special place for that. Not sure I'll use the peas, I've not had much luck with those here, too humid it seems. But I'm going to try again with these. I like the idea of pumpkins to use for pies. Thanks!!!

  3. I thought Artichokes wouldn't grow here in NC - and they do just fine. I have a future blog post coming, but I got an artichoke off of my Green Globe plant the first year I planted them from seed 3 springs ago, and despite my chickens eating all 4 of my plants, they keep coming back. This year they are already 12 inches or so tall. You never know until you try! (My account profile pic is a full artichoke 'blossom' - or what happens if you don't pick them in time to eat!)

    1. Realiy? That sounds great. I might just give it a try. I need more space I think, ha. I want to try it all! LOVE that pic, it's a beautiful blossom huh? Amazing how nature works! Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon!

  4. Don't know about growing artichokes from seed. I think I would visit a large nursery in your area and see what plants they sell. Castroville, CA is the "Artichoke Capital" and it is in the Monterey Bay Area, gets lots of summer fog. But since they are seeds no harm trying. Peas are a cool weather crop so I agree get them in the ground now, I planted mine about a month ago, they are now coming up ... around 4" and I need to put some string or wire for them to climb. I planted sugar snap peas adn snow peas both.
    Good luck.


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