Friday, October 21, 2016


A few weeks ago we ordered some soap from one of our dear blogging friends...

Homemade Soap by Donna O'Shaughnessy
...Donna O'Shaughnessy from over at The Poor Farm blog.  She makes some wonderful soap in small, handmade batches, using all natural ingredients.  

These were the two we ordered.  The oval one is unscented and uncolored (it showed up golden with the flash but is more cream color).  It is made from cow's milk, in this case from colostrum (the first milk after calving).  We are using it as a shampoo bar and wow, it's so nice.  It makes a lot of lather and is very gentle.  We guys don't normally care so much about how soft our hair is but this really does make it softer.  

The second one, that looks like a beautiful slice of stone or granite, is a mildly exfoliating coffee-cinnamon bar.  It's made from pastured lard, with olive, castor and almond oils and she colors it with real coffee and scents it with cinnamon essential oil (and ever so mildly, which is nice).  She even put a middle layer with a few actual coffee grounds for the exfoliating benefit.  2nd Man said "it almost looks too pretty to use".  But we did (and do, ha).  She said in her post that it's good for cook or a gardener.  Well, 2nd Man is the cook and I'm the gardener...and we can both say without a doubt, it is wonderful!

She makes soap as time permits, usually posting about them with the details on the weekend,  calling it Saponification Saturday (or Sunday).  Side note, isn't "saponification" a cool word?  It's first come first served and when they are gone, they are gone.  We'll be looking forward to using these up and buying some more when the time comes.  Thanks Donna, keep up the good work and we'll be ordering some soon!

So check out her blog, the link again is HERE.  

Oh and did we mention she and her hubby built and moved into an amazing and round GRAIN BIN HOUSE?  It's ten kinds of awesome.  Tell her we said hi!


  1. Awesome. That yellow round one reminds me of a nice round block of cheese :}
    I would had liked to see more photos of their grain bin home

  2. My bar I ordered was unscented and uncolored. Coffee in the shower and cinnamon in the shower? Don't you start looking for a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun? Those are nice looking soaps.

  3. I love her blog! You're so lucky to have gotten some soap so I keep looking at it longingly at one of these days I'm gonna put in an order

  4. Donna makes great soap and I know she puts a lot of time and care into it. Yay for you!

  5. Thanks for the heads up about the soap. It sounds nice. I remember saponification from chemistry class. I can't tell you the formula now! I memorized them for tests and forgot them immediately.


  6. Her round silo house is so cool. Will have to buy some soap one of these days, thanks.

  7. You people...1st and 2nd man, are the very best! Thanks so much for the kind words.
    Now, grab a bar of my soap and go clean up your act. :)


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