Thursday, January 20, 2022


Here is a post I thought had gone up but guess it didn't.  We wanted to make sure we posted it.  When I was cutting back the bushes by the front steps, a few weeks back, my eye caught something.

Do you see it?

Right here on this was definitely in a good hiding spot that I interrupted. 

Here he/she is in a closeup.  Just chillin' on the branch, though I'm pretty sure it was giving me "side eye" for ruining a good nap.  Needless to say, I quit cutting on this bush and left the frog alone.  Then when I was finished with everything else, I still needed to move it elsewhere.  I got a clay pot and saucer and coaxed him in.  The frog was then relocated to the back of the house in a shady spot.

Side note, love their little suction cup toes.


  1. Here in Illinois, we don't see, or hear, frogs in the winter, but Christmas day was so warm that we took a walk at the Nature Center, and the frogs had crawled out of their hidey-holes and were singing. I'm glad you saw your visitor early enough to stop and relocate him.

  2. What a cute little frog! I love frogs. He was camouflaged so well with his light and dark dapples - I had to look really hard to see him. They are very helpful in maintaining the balance of nature in the garden by eating the harmful insects, slugs, and snails. So glad you saw him in time to safely move him to another home.

  3. Ohhhh, I love this! Great photo, too! We occasionally have little frog visitors in our yard, which never fails to delight me. I was mowing the lawn one day and one hopped ahead of me. I stopped the mower immediately and relocated that little buddy right to our nice cool garden, where hopefully it chowed down on all the insects hanging out there. They're such fascinating critters!

  4. Wonderful photo.
    I seen this, no time to comment at the time and then forgot about it till now.

    Now, if a frog had wings,
    it wouldn't bump his rump
    when he jumped.


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