Saturday, January 15, 2022


 It's been one of those weeks where stuff went wrong.  Of course other than my trash to treasure finds, ha, see yesterday's post for that.

The other day at lunch I had a flat.  That's never fun.  I was able to make it back to my work parking space before it went completely flat.

Got the spare put on but of course, while bigger than a "donut" spare tire because it's a 4x4 vehicle, it's still a little smaller than normal so all the warning sensors and lights are on inside and it pulls to the left.

Because it was getting close to time for new tires anyway, we decided to just go ahead and replace all four.  That's never a fun expense to incur, sigh.

I will deal with that next week.

Then, there were rumors flying that Harris County (where Houston is) was going to threat level red for covid. Sure enough, they upped it... least we're vaccinated and boosted and other than the grocery store once a week and me going to work, we stay in and mind our own business, ha. 

We personally know four people who currently have COVID.  One is unvaccinated and is very sick.  The other three are vaccinated and experiencing symptoms like a cold except for one who said it's like a bad flu that they wouldn't wish on anyone.  Even a mild case can result in long haul COVID symptoms in some people, so we're happy to just keeping masking, social distancing and avoiding catching it if at all possible.

Today when we got up to head to the farm, we looked at the temps out there and thought "no heat at the farm, a cold wind blowing, let's just stay in town this weekend".  It's nice to have a break and just relax.  there is nothing to really do out there right now.  We can stay in town where it's warm and read, catch up on some TV/movies and have some good food.

Nothing wrong with that.  Hope you are having a good weekend and staying warm if you're where it's cold.  If you're where it's warm, send some this way.


  1. Coming out and finding a flat tire is a real downer for the day. And then needing to replace all 4 tires - ouch! At least you made it back to work without being stranded in a less secure spot.
    As it in Harris County, Covid is raging here also. In the past month, cases have increased over 15 times than the amount before Christmas. I’m masking and staying home. I haven’t been to the grocery store since before this surge, so I really need to go sometime next week. I plan to go at 6:00 a.m. when the store opens because the air is cleaner and the store isn’t crowded.
    Y’all made the smart decision in not going out to the Farm today - this fresh norther is so cold and with the wind blowing so hard, it made it even colder. A good weekend to snuggle down at home!

  2. In Birmingham, the numbers are soaring! It is cold and might snow, but I plan on staying I hate having a flat or even a tiring that is low. The farm can make it without you when it is cold and windy.

  3. Some weeks are just a little harder than others!
    Stay in, stay warm and enjoy being with each other (and of course your cat)

  4. Dan has a real bad cold he got from granddaughters. They had Covid tests and both negative. Dan did one yesterday and it's negative. It's hard to know: cold? Covid? Thankfully we have the at home tests that NH provided for free. So far no cold for me and hope it stays that way. Just read of a blogger who lost her husband to Covid - he refused the vaccine though she didn't. It's -10ΒΊ here this morning. Stay warm and Covid free.

  5. Sorry to hear about your mishaps during the week. They say that things happen in 3's.
    Be thankful that you spotted as flat tire there in the parking lot and not driving down the freeway and have a blow out and maybe end up in an accident. Sometimes things happen for a reason.
    Was very cold and very windy here yesterday.
    Stay in where it's warm and eat some good food along with some wine while watching the football game. I just made up a batch of oyster cracker mix so that we will have a snack to munch on during the game
    Enjoy your day & have a wonderful evening.

  6. Nothing wrong with a relaxing Sunday at home reading, watching movies and eating good food. That is my kind of Sunday. I hope this next week is not so adventurous for you. Stay safe!!

  7. My daughter has Covid, she is a teacher and I feel it was inevitable. On a happier note does your lobby have a security camera? I'm beginning to wonder if people put stuff out to attract you, like a wildlife camera.


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